The Nasty TD…The Smirking Senator


Three women who had pregnancies in which their babies were diagnosed with abnormalities “incompatible with life”, with each “travelling” to have those pregnancies terminated, appeared on last night’s Late Late show.

Their story was featured on the front page of the Irish Times during the week.

The women, top from left: Ruth Bowie, Arlette Lyons and Jenny McDonald told Ryan Tubridy about a meeting they had with 25 TDs and senators at Leinster House on Wednesday to explain their predicament. It was in their own words a tearful and emotional encounter.

Jenny McDonald: “The TDs have been sitting on this for 20 years. That’s what makes me angry. This cannot happen to our children.”

Ryan Tubridy: “Did you say that to the TDs this week?”

McDonald: “Yes.”

Ruth Bowie: “We cried in front of them. We pleaded with them”

Tubridy: “What did you say to them?”

Bowie: “That you have to change this. This is a human rights issue. You cannot do this to us. You cannot turn your back on us. Force us out of our country, away from our families, and treat us like this. It’s barbaric and cruel.”

Tubridy: “Did you feel they were listening?”

Arlette Lyons: “Some of them did. Some of them were lovely and compassionate. We did have one particular TD who was extremely nasty to us.”

Tubridy: “Sorry say that again?”

Lyons: “We had one TD who wasn’t very pleasant.”

Tubridy: “Why not?”

Lyons: “He just wasn’t very pleasant to us but…that’s fine.”

Tubridy: “He just didn’t agree with what you were saying obviously. Again, as there are people now watching who despite everything won’t be happy with what they hear…”

This follows a comment on the Magic Mum forum on Thursday from a woman who said she had been at the meeting:

“I had one TD smirking at us yesterday while we sold our souls on the heartbreak of what we went through he actually had a smile on his face while we were bawling giving them our stories. I have never wanted to smack someone so hard in the face like I wanted to him yesterday. This nasty little man was Ronan Mullen. Please never ever ever vote for him.”

[Ronan Mullen is, in fact, a senator for the NUI Seanad constituency]

She added:

“He told me I should [have] carried my baby until the end because Ireland has the best palliative care in the world, he also said that he was sponsoring [a] child in Africa that had one of the conditions that the other girl Ruth’s baby had. Then he asked one of us at the end of our session, on the quiet, he said “What is your real agenda here?”. This was to a girl who lost her daughter Aoife at 22 weeks.”

Watch in full here.



Mullen told today that he would be “horrified at any suggestion that I was nasty to anyone at that meeting, especially the women who came to tell their stories”.

I would say there was no single politician in that room who did not feel sympathy for those women, regardless of their opinion on abortion. They were treated with respect and sensitivity at all times.”


Ronan Mullen Horrified At ‘Nasty’ Suggestions Over Abortion Debate (Sinead O’Carroll,



142 thoughts on “The Nasty TD…The Smirking Senator

    1. Enda

      Is there an oireachtas committee or other public body that people can complain to so that this incident can be investigated?

      1. John Gallen

        Ronan Mullen sits on the ‘Select Committee on Members’ Interests of Seanad Éireann’ – that is an ethics and conduct committee for Seanad members is it not? (correct me if I am wrong).

        Maybe a complaint to the Chair of that committee which is Ms Deirdre Clune.

        (I tried posting this with her contact details but it is stuck awaiting moderation)

    2. Roger Mellie SC

      Panting, frothing, itching and scratching bachelor Ronan Mullen… The man who fillibustered against civil partnership. All NUI graduates are condemned until he is ejected from the Senate.

  1. Louis

    I see kitty has claws! So the facade of dialogue, tolerance for difference and respect crumbles. The only adequate response to Senator Ronan Mullen is simply: shut upn. The gross hypocrisy of him asking whether these women have “an agenda”.This is right up there with this little man’s attempts to try and link paedophilia in the Roman church with homosexuality. A rotten little creature with a rotten little mind. Senator Ronan Mullen, you know nothing of religion, morality and most of all faith. It is simply a convenient bedfellow for you when your own is so empty and dank. Astounding in his myopia and social dysfunction.

    1. Susan Lanigan

      I would gently add that Ronan Mullen is not a vile human being because of his sexual orientation and to use that as a weapon is unfair on gay people who have played no part in such behaviour. He is a vile human being because of his actions and the evidence that support them. I am sure that there are many gay men out there as disgusted with him as I am. So we can go for this horrible little man’s jugular without the aid of homophobia.

      1. Louis

        My point is basically not an attack on gay people at all, quite the opposite. He condemns homosexuality (in whichever way he dresses it up), yet he, himself, is the worst kind of homophobe given that there has always been a question about his own orientation. I was referring to his hypocrisy in this regard. The nadir being his use of insidious innuendo at trying to link paedophilia and homosexuality, when there is no evidence scientific or otherwise to support this.

        1. cluster

          Question mark or not, there is no need to discuss his sexual orientation. There is plenty to attack in his conduct without bringing alleged hypocrisy into it.

          1. Louis

            I do not see it that way at all. One is only too well aware that the biggest homophobes in society are those who are themselves homosexual in the same way as those who are the most ardent anti-abortionists are themselves the very antithesis of life-affirming and social functional individuals.

    1. Susan Lanigan


      Because we’re conditioned to be fearful. Helped by swaggering bullies who chance their arses invoking the laws of libel.

      I am beginning to wonder if defamation law in this country is fit for purpose.

      1. Man

        It’s not. It’s there to serve those who can afford injunctions. Therefore it is almost impossible for someone to highlight the wrongdoings of others without a full on court case.

        The legal system in Ireland is for the protection of the wealthy against the onslaught of the unwashed.

          1. Man

            I’m no solicitor but I understand it to be a collective of individuals taking one action against a company, for example, a drugs company for defective product. It means one legal team and one case instead of several.

            Not possible in Ireland and I don’t see why not.

    2. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

      Beacause Tubridy is terrible at his job, and the RTE lawyers are extremely timid about libel.

      That being said, we have only heard one side of this, and most of what we’ve heard is a woman’s reading of a man’s facial expression. It’s hardly an “incident” yet.

    3. Susan Lanigan

      I would like to add that I’m viewing the show on the RTE Player and I do find Tubridy is conducting the interview with gentleness and sensitivity. So I think that has to be said in his favour.

  2. Alan Brophy

    I have been saying for years that politicians are the very last people we should expect anything from. They are not there to help the people who (stupidly) elect them, they are there to help and serve their true sponsors

        1. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

          I think Man’s point is that he is a sponsor of politicians, like Rome, etc.

          1. Alan Brophy

            the sponsor thing of course is not unique to this country, but the number of terms any one person can stand, should be able to combat the problem somewhat.

    1. robbgoblin

      Stupid people are to blame for electing politicians? Who are they supposed to elect? No matter what your trade (just look at Mick Wallace), once you are elected to public office you become a politician. So no matter who gets elected, they are all politicians. Your comment is idiotic, if more people either stood for office or elected decent politicians we’d have a better system.

      1. Alan Brophy

        Thanks for your cogent response ;-) the point I am making is that there is a political class which has remained in place since the foundation of the state. People stupidly vote for this class never giving “outsiders” a chance to change things. Perhaps I am being stupid again but I constantly use the argument that term limits should be but in place. No one serving more than 2/3 terms.

        1. Man

          There most certainly is a political inner circle which is cleverly handed back and forth between FF and FG in order to exclude any other political style such as a more socially focused accountable one like Germany or Holland.

  3. Double98

    With the “Abnormalities incompatible with life” diagnoses you can be left with 1/ a doomed baby growing inside usuually for about 17 or 18 weeks 2/ a baby who will be in severe pain and torturous living conditions (repeated heart attacks, strokes seisures as long as it is does remain alive.
    A decision to terminate on the grounds of the Mother, the Father, The Siblings AND the child is the humane, rational and decent thing.
    Nobody gains except the leering, faux liberal heart bleeding busybody like this
    Senator Ronan Mullen

    Mullen – you shame and disgust me. You would rather inflict unnecessary and uncomparable suffering, anguish and pain.
    As a man who had to deal with this exact situation i tell you this – i died the day my daughter did. I lost my faith in god and now with sadists like you i lose my faith in man.

    Screw your opinion you scumbag

      1. Lazslo

        Yes. I’m very sorry. Try and remember that damaged charcters like Mullen doesn’t represent humanity. You’ve got plenty of like-minded souls behind you. All the best.

      2. Double98

        Thanks a lot – i spent the last few days trying hide the topic from my wife as it was an actual horror movie to live through now and again it revisits

  4. Man

    Mullen is a Vatican man.

    A prime example of a Vatican insider (probably Opus Dei) serving a foreign state’s interests instead of the country he’s elected to serve. In my opinion, serving a foreign state by infiltrating the parliament of another country and manipulating it’s legislature while also serving at the bar is not only a massive conflict but could be considered to be a traitorous act.

    Tell him what you think.

    1. bisted

      …well said Man….and with the exception of the vatican and opus dei bit, the rest of the post about ‘serving a foreign state’s interest….’ could be applied to others……. Alan Shatter for example.

      1. Ernie Ball

        Please. That’s one of the oldest forms of anti-semitism and the sort of glib argument that was used against JFK when he ran for President. I don’t love Shatter, but to imply that he’s an agent of Israel because he’s Jewish is nothing but offensive anti-semitic horseshit.

        1. HandSolo

          No, but the war-mongerer didn’t seem to be too fazed by Israel bombing Gaza back to the Stone Age in 2009.

          1. bisted

            Shatter was an unashamed apologist for Israeli perpetrated genocide in Gaza.
            As for being anti-semite, as an Atheist I dont see any difference between judaism or any other brand of theist nonsense.

  5. John Gallen

    Ronan Mullen sits on the ‘Select Committee on Members’ Interests of Seanad Éireann’ – that is an ethics and conduct committee for Seanad members is it not? (correct me if I am wrong).

    Maybe a complaint to the Chair of that committee which is Ms Deirdre Clune. Her contact details are below:
    Ph at Leinster Hse: 01 6183365
    M: 085 8506111

      1. squidward

        Yes, please elaborate? As far as I’m aware, ‘liberal’ is an adjective or adverb, so what do you mean?

        ‘Liberal’ dollops of ice cream? ‘Liberal’ misuse of the word ‘liberal?’

        Do enlighten me please.

    1. bozo

      Hope you never have to be in the situation that some of the parents on here have.
      Nice and mullen should move in together.

      1. Colm

        Yes I have actually. I also have massive respect for the parents of Children who love and care for their disabled Children on a daily basis. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, while the stories from the women are very sad I just dont believe in abortion in any form. I am not even religious, I just think it is morally wrong. Who are we to deny a life.

        1. Mary O'Byrne

          Finally, after pages of abuse…mostly aimed at Rónán Mullen, a comment I can identify with. The death of a child is tragic. Any child. At any time. Abortion (not renamed as a termination) offers nothing in the bigger picture. A short term solution. You have still lost your child. You still have that grief. How eager people are to give Rónán a hard time over an alleged smirk?!

          1. Man

            You’re clearly a friend or associate of his Mary.

            Smirking in isolation is nothing. Smirking at the experience of these women being narrated to him by those women is arrogant and plain bad manners.

            It never cases to amaze me how righteous people who claim to be good Christians can be so un-Christian to others.

            They don’t seem to get the irony of that.

        2. JC

          depends on your term ‘life’ for instance do you believe it is actual ‘life’ to exist solely in a bed for the remainder of your days unable to move unable to feed yourself.

          I do wonder about peoples perception of existence sometimes….

        3. O

          Good question Colm – who are we to deny a life? More good questions might be ‘who are we to inflict a life of suffering and pain on a little child?’, ‘who are we to inflict a life of heartbreak on a mother and father?’, ‘who are we to leave someone with no other choice or options?’
          I’m not going to pretend I know what these brave women went through/are going through or what the brave parents of disabled children go through daily, but surely we are big enough and bold enough to have the freedom to make decisions for ourselves, without having other peoples views imposed on us.
          Personally I’m pro-choice. That’s the choice to make a decision for myself – not having others make one for me.
          I have nothing but respect for parents who do an amazing job at raising disabled children, I think more should be done to support them. But I also have nothing but respect for parents who have to make the heartbreaking decision to terminate the life of the child that they love so much and want so much.
          Ultimately this is about people being left without options, other people making decisions for everyone, and people having to take actions based on others decisions.
          It’s our human right to freedom of choice.

          1. well

            “ho are we to inflict a life of suffering and pain on a little child?’”

            Very good!, they will never reply though. You question is too difficult for “christians”.

  6. El Cuno

    So why didn’t Tubs push them to name and shame? Probably using legal reasons to cover up that he didn’t want Mullen exposed. If he had done any research he obviously knew who they were talking about. The religious nuts are still in charge in politics and the media. It has the cancerous Opus Dei written all over it.

  7. Steady On

    Tubbs sounds fairly defensive of the TD in question does he not? He should have probed more about a public representativ being nasty to a member of the public, rather that playing devils advocate and defending him/her.

    1. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

      Leave Tubridy alone. He just wants to give Ireland a big cheery hug and not be bothered with all that stuff about suffering and responsibility and who did what and why.

      1. Steady On

        Gay Byrne, a relatively liberal host for a very conservative time.

        Ryan Tubridy, self christened “old Fogey”, a relatively conservative host for an increasingly liberal time.

        Maybe thats the Late Late Shows problem, they need someone to stir sh*t.

          1. Steady On

            I’m still waiting on his long form birth birth-cert before I accept his claim to youth. His delicate frame is clearly in line with the weightloss commonly displayed by the aged.

        1. Man

          I never believed Gay Byrne was anything but a central part of the establishment. He was a carefully controlled safety valve through which all moral debate and social change was filtered under a watchful eye.

          1. Xiao Liu

            Respectfully disagree. Am not old enough to remember, but his exposition of women’s lives (on phone-in radio etc.) only a few decades ago opened up discourse to all kinds of things that had never been utterable in the public sphere before. That alone is a massive contribution to have made.

  8. Conor

    If this is true then he is your typical scumbag with a religious agenda. He has only said nasty things and im glad I live in a country where I can say pretty much whatever I want. I wouldnt have voted for him before reading any of this anyway.

  9. SDaedalus

    Great work with this story.

    The failure of the legislature to implement this constitutional right has been a complete and utter disgrace.

  10. Mrs Stapleton

    I’ve emailed him too.

    Remember that there are weirdos out there who support Mullen in his homophobia and misogyny so it’s important that everyone who disagrees with him lets him know.

    I’ll phone him on Monday too.

  11. Sherlock Holmes II

    If these comments are true, then what a distasteful individual this man is. He needs to apologise publicly and resign as a “public representative”. I’m not sure who he thinks he’s representing. I’m a physician and I’m absolutely disgusted by his alleged insensitive comments. These unfortunate women deserve our assistance and their suffering has been compounded by these alleged comments.

  12. Anne

    I got in touch with him here –

    You fill in this section.
    ‘Are there issues of particular concern to you?’
    Yeah, pontificating c**ts like you are issues of particular concern to me Ronan Mullen.

    2012 and still exporting our problems.. how fucking backwards are we here. F**ked up.

  13. Steve

    I don’t really care about his views on abortion, homosexuality etc, its a democracy, he is entitled to them. I don’t agree with them but thats his entitlement. I know a few conservative Christians and they would share his views, but at least they respect (or appear to) the opinions of people who disagree.

    What is disgusting about the story is the complete lack of respect. Forget about his opinion on abortion, the smiling and smirking at these women when they were telling their horrendous stories says it all about the man. He could have sat there, said nothing, listen respectfully, expressed his own views and then left. What he did was show complete disrespect to fellow citizens. On the fact alone he should resign because he is denigrating the position he holds in the Oireachtas.

    However this particular matter is pervasive in Irish politics….the smiling….the smirking during Dail debates, when TDs are posing and responding to questions. Bertie did it, Cowen loved doing it, Kenny does it. When the leaders are doing it other TDs and Senators are going to follow suit in this disgusting habit. It needs to be stamped out and the only way to do it is to sit and listen respectfully to other TDs without the smiling and smirking. And this action needs to come from the top, i.e. the Taoiseach. Because all TDs and Senators are entitled to their opinion (whether populist or not) as much as anyone….

    All that said, its a real pity that one of the women didn’t get up and clobber him one because he really deserved it.

    1. thepox

      Steve, you just hit the nail on the head. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, while I disagree with Ronan Mullens, I have to remind myself that he is entitled to it before I go off on a little “right wing loonie” rant. What is terrible, and has been posted by some others above, is the lack of respect for the women involved. Not one of us knows how we would react or what we would do, if we were in the awful situation that they found themselves in. The lack of compassion and support for women who make the decision to terminate pregnancies upsets me greatly.

  14. Anne

    It were the ‘U’s I left out above.. in case anyone wasn’t sure.

    Sorry Broadsheet.. The likes of Ronan Mullen tend to bring on the expletives.

  15. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

    We’re building an awful lot of invective on one person’s interpretation of someone else’s facial expression. Do you really think he was grinning mockingly? Or because he found her trauma funny? I don’t buy it.

    I can see him smiling uncomfortably, or being all kinds of awkward, but I don’t understand what precisely he is supposed to have done here.

      1. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

        It’s not much, is it? A small quote from an irate witness who got his job wrong. I have no doubt that’s how it came across to her, but I’d like to hear his side.

    1. Ninjathon

      At last someone has brought some common sense to this hate festival. 85 comments of pure condemnation till I got to this one. A smirk? A grin? Get the broadsheet mob together and we’ll hang him high. I really despair at the lack of thought behind these comments as people rush to condemn. I rarely find myself agreeing with Senator Mullen position but I’ve listened to him speaking in the Seanad quite a lot and he is far from the nasty cruel individual depicted in these comments. He has his point of view and while I don’t agree with it, I believe he has the right to not only hold that point of view but also to express it.

    2. bk

      Thank you pedanto for bringing a little balance here. There is too much subjective opinion and conjecture re this man’s demeanour and attitude.

  16. Robert

    Perhaps people with SEO skills can use their skills to make this page and some stories about his true character rank higher on Google, for those who search for him to read the truth about him.

    I’d also love to see a system of PACs in this country that I could contribute to, to campaign against people like this. I often don’t want to contribute to their competitors either so and anti-campaign would be ideal.

  17. Pat

    This nasty piece of work got me so incensed during the civil partnership debate that I got off my arse and wrote a blog post about him (that takes a lot of incentive, evidenced by the bare cupboard that is my blog!). But it was interesting to find out that time that in a past life he handled press for the dublin diocese at a time that it was covering up for paedos and deliberately misleading the public about said activities.

    So this new venture into the heart of evil is no surprise. Still heinous, still sad and distressing, but true to form…

    1. Louis

      What stuck in m craw most during the Civil Partnership Bill, is that Senator Ronan Mullen of all people was in no position to make such pronouncements on the morality of homosexual relationships. He an odious creep who will turn on the chubby-cheeked charm but it belies his real crusading and bigoted nature. Suffice it to say that his time as press secretary for the hopelessly socially dysfunctional Cardinal O’Connell is that it involved cover-up, weasel words and grotesque spin.

  18. paul

    He’s received the most donations of all the senators. There’s a lot of Opus Dei weirdos with too much money.

  19. Nigel

    I… question the usefulness of this hatefesting, fun and all though it can seem – at first anyway. When you get to the fiftieth c**t or whatever, it starts to get a little skeevy. Tubridy’s instincts may have been on the money here. The women’s story and the legislative efforts required to fix the problem are what’s important, not the smirking guy with the pointed question. If everybody ELSE thought their story highlighted a wrong that needed to be addressed, will it be addressed? And when? If everybody else who appeared to support the women end up doing nothing, well, at least the jerk has the virtue of being honest. (And, really, some people do appear to smirk at the worst of times without meaning any disrespect. The question WAS disrespectful, though, and is redolent of how the Catholic Church is constantly setting aside compassion and decency to ‘ask the hard questions.’)

    BUT we’ve had, what, the Killiney Killers and Fornicatin’ Floozy, all of whom have deserved, to some extent, the approbation heaped on them, if not the screaming hatred and curses cast like lightning from the mountain-top or getting stabbed from hell’s heart. Under all of that, people are being evicted and debt forgiveness is on the cards; and entrenched Catholic values have stopped any movement on the X case ruling, all really important issues. God, this is the very definition of concern trolling, but we need to stop screaming at handy scapegoats and start putting our energies into finding ways of making competence and honesty the paramount qualities in our government. Compassion without sentimentality would be nice, too, while we’re at it.

    1. Xiao Liu

      We could certainly learn from Norway, and their current admirable, mild, just treatment of an unprecedentedly bigoted lunatic.

  20. DynamiteKid

    Quote from Tubs: ““He just didn’t agree with what you were saying obviously.”

    Right, it’s ‘obviously’ not possible that a member of the Oireachtas could be nasty.

    The women must have been mistaken, obviously.

    Silly women, not knowing the difference between being nasty & disagreeing with someone.

    Well done Tubs. Gobshite.

      1. DynamiteKid

        His instinctive reaction was to dismiss the women as being obviously mistaken.

        Says it all about Tubs really.

        1. rory

          I’m not a huge fan of Tubs in general, but honestly I didn’t get that vibe when he said that at all. I think it was an attempt to appear neutral and acknowledge that some people in this country have that point of view.

          Also, if memory serves, he encouraged that avenue of discussion when one of the ladies mentioned the ‘Nasty’ comment in between the others talking. I got the impression from the way he reacted/zoned in on the ‘nasty’ comment that he was shocked by the fact that a politician could be that way towards those ladies. imo.

  21. rory

    I love bashing Tubs. I love bashing the abysmal content of the Late Late under his stewardship. I’ve done so plenty of times in the past. But I have to say, I think he did a bang up job with this interview. I thought he handled it very well. Well done Tubridy.

    I hope these women get the legislation they are looking for.

  22. Jimbo

    And so the discussion gets taken over by the nutters on both sides. Mullen is a thundering bollix, aside of whether or not he smirked, but in all the comments here I see none attacking the extremes on the other side of the abortion ‘debate’. Personally I find Clare Daly’s description of her own children as ‘nothing but a bunch of cells’ until they were born. There are tragic circumstances where a pregnancy needs to be terminated but the abortion on demand up to the point of birth is no solution either.

  23. Adam

    I’d say Jonathan Ross was wondering what the f*ck was going on this chat show! “Here’s Jonathan Ross, now…. abortion”. Hahahaha

  24. Maisey

    I left my complaint too.
    First time and all… That must mean he really pushed my buttons with his comments.
    Yes, he’s entitled to an opinion, but as his constituents we are entitled to let him know we are unhappy with him also.
    If you are angered by his comments, make a complaint, don’t just sit here reading broadsheet or nothing will ever change!

  25. Eamonn Clancy

    I want to live in a world where people hold views I strongly disagree with. I admire his balls, but disagree with him.

  26. fill3rup

    Hey Broadsheet,looks like there is egg on your face as John McGuirk and David Quinn are on twitter defending said..oh..wait..

  27. Fat Frog

    One hundred and 20 something comments here- not going to read them all but wondering if anyone has called Ronan Mullen a C*nt yet? If not may i be the first to do so?

  28. Tommy Reilly

    The majority of people that have commented here are a bunch of cowards hiding behind this forum. The abuse that has been handed out here to Ronan Mullen is uncalled for and everyone here should be ashamed of themselves. Seems like people are venting their fury through bashing Ronan Mullen, a man of sound moral principle who serves this country more so than any other politician. Why dont you just pick up a stone and stone him? The biased way in which this “story” has spiraled is typical of the shoot first, ask questions later attitude that has left this country the way it is. I wish there were more people like Senator Ronan Mullen representing this country and defending the poor defenceless.

    1. Louis

      “A man of sound moral principle”: I don’t think even closeted Senator Ronan Mullen would agree with you…

    2. Pedanto, The Hilarity Man

      I know it’s fun to vent, but if you disagree with people’s points you can reply to them and make your case. It’s a forum.

    3. Jockstrap

      Well Tommy. Unfortunately in Ireland, there are those who use their connections to make life difficult for those who oppose them. There’s always a willing Garda sergeant or a tax official to do his or her duty for the Lord’s work even if that means targeting an individual and ruining their life.

      I’ve seen it happen more than once.

    4. Where are Loyalist gunmen now when we need them?

      No one forced this thundering gobshite to run for office… or to be the PR front man for the Catholic Church.

      Ronan Mullen wouldn’t know what sound moral priniciples were if they walked up to him outside Leinster House and kicked him in the bollix.

      Him, his small minded bigotry and his yearning for the days of Rome Rule are the best argument I’ve seen for legalising abortion and abolishing the Seanad.

  29. ray

    you lot better be careful though. isn’t there a blasphemy law in this country now? the last sting from the dying wasp of FF

    1. rory

      He won’t like that.

      I remember when the person who ran the BigMentalDisease website posted a youtube video featuring various criticisms of Mullen when he appeared on Tonight with Vincent Browne. The video was flagged and BigMentalDisease was forced to take it down.

      This is just my opinion of course, but I’ve got a feeling Mullen runs a very tight ship when it comes to the representation of his good self in the public domain. I’d say he will be most irked by this hacking, and any criticisms emanating from youtube/the interwebs that may besmirch his sparkling reputation.

  30. Mani

    Is there anyway we can automatically veto regular posters from commenting on this site? I have no problem with people whose views differ from mine (ha! Humour!) but Jesus Christ most of these people have serious mental problems and I’d like to avoid their taint as much as possible. The RANDOM capitalisation just kills me. They write in Tabloid Headlines for EMPHASIS! With Multiple Exclamation Marks!!!!!

  31. MammyM

    These women were brave to come out and tell their stories. I had read about what the good Senator said to them on Can’t say I’m surprised – sure wasn’t his speech during the Civil Partnership debate the reason David Norris voted in favour of it.

    I would believe these women and their account of what happened – it was backed up by a TD who was also at the meeting.

    As for the bigger picture – these women had to make the decision, not because the child was disabled but because the child was ‘incompatible’ with life..didn’t matter what had happened, the little one wasn’t going to survive. Palliative care means nothing…

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