Marine Le Pen far exceeded her father’s shocking second-place 16.86% score in the 2002 presidential race. Even if it was not enough to get her to the second round, the extraordinary score confirmed her presence at the head of the anti-immigration National Front party and in France’s political landscape for years to come. A drop in voter intentions for Sarkozy in the final weeks of the campaign appears to have swung to the far-right camp.

Hollande Wins First Round, Sets Up Run-Off With Sarkozy (France 24)

Marine Le Pen Scores Stunning Result In French Presidential Election (Guardian)

15 thoughts on “Eau Dear

  1. John Gallen

    Hollande all the way!!

    He wants a renegotiation on the Fiscal Compact as he believes it won’t work. Would that mean there could be a delay to our referendum, seeing as if he wins, he surely wouldn’t have the time to renegotiate it before we vote.

    Otherwise, if he does we’ll have to do another referendum, no?


        1. Well Designed Frilly Keane

          Tearing the French Banks a new one
          More like
          Then the Über €uro Grupen Frau

  2. mattmatt

    I think the actual issue here is that France, in a time of crisis, is becoming a bit more nationalist and anti-immigration. Whether that’s worrying or not, we’ll have to wait and see

  3. Daragh McDowell

    I should also note that Richard ‘I’m gay so I’m allowed to be a bigot’ Waghorne endorsed them enthusiasticalyl in his latest excretion for the Daily Mail.

    1. paul

      student politicians make the best racists.

      people see this as a move to the right in france but it’s a socialist that’s gonna win.

  4. Jockstrap

    You’ll probably find that a lot of children and grandchildren of previous immigrants will be backing Le Pen as well. They often feel as culturally different to new immigrants as ‘old’ French do.

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