14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Lansdowne Road

  1. Noses Parker

    Pot of gold. Oops it’s not leprechauns but the IRFU and FAI who are at the end of this rainbow

    1. Well Designed Frilly Keane

      the Town End?

      (btw we’ve also been known t’call the Town End “de’score’in goal”) …. Wha’how ya now!!! Tip bate… ya know yerself

    2. Cathal Dunne

      It isn’t unfinished, it bows down to take into account the concerns of the people who live on Havelock Square.

      1. cluster

        Yes but it doesn’t look right, it looks like they ran out of money when they were almost done.

      1. Rugbyfan

        It does look better than Croke Field. Although both look as thought the builders ran out of cash and couldn’t finish the job!

  2. Phil T. Rich

    The Stadium looks great, and works great. Someone always has to mention the “Jeremy Beadle End” :)

  3. Damien Gallagher

    I see Rainbow Brite is battling Murky Dismal’s evil scheme to remove all the colours from Irish rugby.

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