18 thoughts on “You’ll Love This

    1. Micko

      Dead right

      Twisted Pepper is well known for being a feckin yoke fest.

      Not that I have a problem with that…….

      1. RideThisPony

        It was a Yoke fest long before it was Twisted Pepper!

        BTW When Bodytonic took over the lease on that place it was costing them €200,000 a year!

  1. Ickis

    There’s not too much of a hipster turnout at Pepper, certainly some hipsters but there’s a really high volume of the tragic Irish male condition. Semi-predatory, yet clueless (and somewhat mammied) to balance it out. Also, had I been on yokes I wouldn’t have been able to look that sombre.

    The lad in the third screencap.

    1. Sap

      I think it makes people feel safe to refer to anyone in even ever so slightly tight jeans these days as a “hipster.” It makes me laugh so much because these people are completely judging others by their dress sense, which is a very sad and unoriginal mindset to have. Also, not every night in the Twisted Pepper is a “yoke fest” I’ve a sneaking suspicion that anyone who commented on that doesn’t go there very much…


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