You’ll Love This



Or your money back.

Damn young hipsters at Junior Spesh in the Twisted Pepper, Dublin, observed by filmmaker Heber Hanley to the strains of ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Kate Bush.


Junior Spesh (Facebook)

18 thoughts on “You’ll Love This

    1. Micko

      Dead right

      Twisted Pepper is well known for being a feckin yoke fest.

      Not that I have a problem with that…….

      1. RideThisPony

        It was a Yoke fest long before it was Twisted Pepper!

        BTW When Bodytonic took over the lease on that place it was costing them €200,000 a year!

  1. Ickis

    There’s not too much of a hipster turnout at Pepper, certainly some hipsters but there’s a really high volume of the tragic Irish male condition. Semi-predatory, yet clueless (and somewhat mammied) to balance it out. Also, had I been on yokes I wouldn’t have been able to look that sombre.

    The lad in the third screencap.

    1. Sap

      I think it makes people feel safe to refer to anyone in even ever so slightly tight jeans these days as a “hipster.” It makes me laugh so much because these people are completely judging others by their dress sense, which is a very sad and unoriginal mindset to have. Also, not every night in the Twisted Pepper is a “yoke fest” I’ve a sneaking suspicion that anyone who commented on that doesn’t go there very much…


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