Killiney Couple’s 13 London Flats



Last week it emerged they had purchased up to 21 properties in Dublin, most of them in south city areas, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and are still the owners of the bulk of these apartments.

It has now emerged that the couple, who are aged 71 and 63 respectively, are also the owners of 13 apartments in the Isle of Dogs area of London.

It is believed the couple bought these apartments in the late 2000s. Efforts to contact them yesterday were not successful.

You tried twanging on the guy-ropes, did you?

Evicted Pair Own 13 Flats In London (Colm Keena and Eoin Burke Kennedy, Irish Times)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

48 thoughts on “Killiney Couple’s 13 London Flats

  1. I really should be working

    Oh dear the story that keeps on giving, I am wondering will ODS now review their position of support? Will Joe Duffy apologise for his rubbish show the day after the eviction?

  2. Jockstrap

    Goes to show who and can who can’t get media coverage for themselves.

    What about average and low income families who get evicted, some probably by this pair.

    1. LongLiveKildareRule

      In fairness, evictions are rare in Ireland, even among the sub-prime lending institutions. The only evictions we see are at the extreme end of non-payment where all efforts have been exhausted.

      1. Tommy

        There are hundreds of evictions occurring every month, many of them totally illegal. Or course these are only scummy renters not worthy or media or public sympathy.

        1. paul

          37 homeowners have been evicted since last july. this story is about banks evicting mortgage holders not about landlords evicting tenants.

          1. Tommy

            0 homeowners were evicted since last July. If they owned their home then they would not have been affected.

  3. SOS

    They own a castle in Cabra West, and there’s an underground luas line between it and that house in Killiney, which was paid for by Fianna Fail and that guy from Riverdance.

  4. True Kilcockian

    A difficult couple to sympathise with perhaps. But if there are going to be evictions the terms under which the Sheriff works must be transparent.

    €50,000 for an afternoon’s work is excessive pay for the Sheriff.

  5. Lloyd

    So Broadsheet, what is your stance on this issue today? The goalposts seem to have moved from your perspective since you first published this story. Its getting embarrassing at this stage.

    1. Chompsky

      Hello (again) Lloyd. If you could show us (using examples) of any “stance” we had on this story it would be a great help. Thanks in the meantime.

      1. Lloyd

        I think your “stance” may have been implied by how your website iterated the story in the first place and continued to flog the dead horse until the revelations of the numerous properties owned by the couple involved became widespread. But then again, that is just me interpretation (and apparently that of others) on how ye have handled t his saga.

      2. Lloyd

        I think your “stance” may have been implied by how your website iterated the story in the first place and continued to flog the dead horse until the revelations of the numerous properties owned by the couple involved became widespread. But then again, that is just me interpretation (and apparently that of others) on how ye have handled t his saga.

        Taken from “This is Brendan and Asta Kelly”

         I really should be working on April 18, 2012 at 4:28 pm said:
        Dont forget the allowing of personal abuse against one if you disagree with their opinion!
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         Eithne on April 18, 2012 at 7:54 pm said:
        + 1
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         Gillian on April 18, 2012 at 11:12 pm said:
        Very true Lloyd! I used to enjoy this site but the blatant political agenda is really quite nauseating and utterly biased. After yet another series of postings on Brendan and Asta that are completely out of context and clearly aimed at supporting one point of view without any regard for the other side, I’m going to stop reading.
        The very same site would crucify “old media” for such carry on.

        Your very own reporting on the matter – seems hastily written without the burden of context of fact finding – Asta is 63 and Brendan is 71.

        About two hours ago (12.45pm) they were apparently forcibly removed from their home in Killiney, Co Dublin, for non-payment of debts to, we understand, Anglo Irish Bank (details of amount unknown).

        People at the scene have claimed the couple’s front door was kicked in and Brendan and Asta were “dragged out” of their home. More as we get it.

        1. Chompsky

          Lloyd, this may help you. It is a timeline of our coverage of this story. If you can find any comment or spin or whatnot on our part about the story or a factual inaccuracy in any of the posts please share it with us. Thanks. Apologies for any confusion caused.

          1. Joe

            I’m sorry but didn’t the vast majority of people who saw this feel sympathetic at first glance?

            Then came the revelations about all their other properties and the fact that they were given two years notice of possible eviction etc. Then rightly enough people saw the Kelly’s for what they are.

            I don’t understand what their age has to do with things. At 71 and 63 you would think they would have had the sense to say “well maybe we shouldn’t take out a €2 million mortgage that we can’t actually afford to pay”.

            The age argument is absolute bullshit.

          2. Lloyd

            Ok, as I said, my opinion, as that of many others is that your site, in particular, yourself chose to initially report this matter in an overtly biased manner in support of the Kellys. Hindsight as they say is 20/20 vision. You look back now and as you are quite entitled to change your opinions with regards to this. However, my bone of contention is the knee jerk manner in which you publicised this story in the first place. In “This Is…” + “new video” your text makes it apparent to the reader that you are quite forthright in your support of the Kellys. If it were a bit more balanced from the outset I suppose, you may not have to row back on your initial viewpoint in this matter.

            Oh and on the “Hello Lloyd (again)” comment above, I don’t believe that I have had the pleasure of engaging your good self before Chompsky so I am slightly confused as to why you chose to give the impression that I am somewhat of a problem child that you have had to correct before in the past.

          3. HandSolo

            FFS Lloyd, give it a rest would you? Is life so dull that you have to get your knickers in a twist over some trivial little perception? This isn’t the only eviction story that BS have carried. Indeed, the format’s the same each time: BS report the story then commenters either (a) say ‘f**k the bankers’, or (b) say ‘f**k these greedy hoors who think I’ll pay their mortgage for them’.
            Maybe it’s time to get some some tinfoil in your hat, the radio waves are still getting through.

          4. Termagant

            Hello Lloyd.

            I’m very sorry you feel that this story which developed quite consistently over a period of some time may have been reported in a manner which did alter in nature as more facts were revealed.

            Please find attached a voucher for 100% of all shits given by anyone ever, redeemable at your local Londis.

      1. Lloyd

        @Handsolo – apologies for having opinions + sticking to them. The point of debating is to retort. Nice slight re the tinfoil hat, real mature.

        1. HandSolo

          Haha, you like that? Yeah, me too. Took me literally seconds to come up with it.
          Anyway, as you say, the point of debating is to retort. However, continually repeating the same complaint is not, in my humble opinion, a debate. Especially when the problem is in your own interpretation of a piece of text. Thus I feel this is something only you can fix, not anyone else.
          Good luck with that, buddy.

  6. Kamili

    I have to agree with Noonan’s comment about deciding who can pay and who won’t pay…

    I actually find this whole malarky a bit sickening. They were given two years after all.

    Did it not occur to them to sell some other house(s)? Did they not realise that with their carry on their other holdings would come to light?


  7. King


  8. Kim V

    Just got home to see this. You have got to be kidding me.

    Can people go to jail for just being douches?

  9. Xiao Liu

    Two days later I’m still giggling at the phrase “You tried twanging on the guy-ropes, did you?”

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