There May be Yokes


As An Talamh: Notes On Rave In Dublin directed by James Redmond. Coming soon.

On any given weekend thousands of people, regardless of age or social class, party to underground dance music in Dublin city.

Over the next six months Dublin Community TV will be working on a two part documentary to capture the raw energy and labours of love that keep us buzzing each weekend. Part one will go right back to the old-skool.

The emergence of our original rave nation, the people, clubs, labels and pirates that broke ground for repetitive beats in the city.

(Thanks Charlie Doran)

19 thoughts on “There May be Yokes

  1. Mr Potato

    the slate did a decent retro series on rave in dublin years ago, it was great. they should re-open the asylum, that place was awesome.
    or so i hear. from convicted criminals.

  2. 3rd child

    “An army of the future raving towards the horizon of consciousness”…. The past makes poets of us all.

    1. Halfahead

      “An army of the future raving towards the horizon of consciousness”….so not just off your nut then?

  3. Joe

    still people clutching onto to the old rave scene I see, sura why not make a few bob from it.

  4. John Gallen

    It’s a pity it’s only Dublin focused. Galway had a great scene in The Castle. The ‘Sex Kitchen’ on a Friday night even made best club in Ireland in The Face! I only once made it to Sir Henry’s in Cork once so don’t really no much of it but the stories of it were often of epic nights.

    Looking forward to this, the quality looks steps above their usual fair on DCTV.

  5. Jockstrap

    Nothing will beat the parties in Dolphin’s Barn in the 90s, guarded by a bloke with a gun at the door.

  6. Reddy

    Cheers for the post. We’re going to cover today as well folks, this is just a taster of our inteviews so far. If you have stories, anecedotes, footage and what ever else why not get in touch and we’ll see what they can add to the production?

  7. Bres

    Teaser looks great, looking forward to working more on the project. It’s restricted to Dublin unfortunately as DCTV provides a service just to people in the county so when we get BAI funding it goes towards Pale-focused productions.

    Some recent fair from DCTV here, a mixture of volunteer, community/youth group and staff made videos as ever from this hugely under resourced co-op that encourages participation from all in the production of media:

    Journey of a Joke, four part series on comedians from multicultural backgrounds starting out:

    Dole TV, volunteer-made current affairs/satire/discussion show:

    Theatron, volunteer-made theatre magazine show:

    Firey debate on Bosco Talks, made by teenagers from John Bosco youth centre in Drimnagh:

    Venue @ Bradóg, a music programme made by teenagers in Bradóg youth service:

    Some stuff from Community Of Independents, the volunteer-led independent music series that’s launching a documentary on May 6th with a free screening and gig in the Button Factory:

    And something for the kids..

  8. Scaldy Mot

    Power FM, if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting for my It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back cd I won in a phone-in competition in 2000.

    My patience is running out.

  9. Phil

    Next Prime time program
    then Middle class mommies screaming about the Kiddies to some politician
    Something might burn down
    And then something will be made illegal

  10. Rose

    On the night the asylum was shut down there was a stabbing, a shooting and a rape in the toilets. Yeh, let’s reopen it. Great idea! I’m all for the underground rave scene but that place doesn’t need to see the light of day again

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