‘Party With My Friends’ – The Star Wars Mix


A really good lipsync of scenes from the various Star Wars movies. Way to promo your debut album there, Hot Problems.

‘Party With My Friends’ (feat. Aubyn Beth)


8 thoughts on “‘Party With My Friends’ – The Star Wars Mix

  1. rory

    Why are grown up people so obsessed with this movie? The first 2 films were very good (despite the bad dialogue) but why, why, whyyyyy this movie? The first two films had great style and a detailed world, but Star Wars has far less emotional depth than many other great films out there. Why not be obsessed with those films instead? Are people too shallow to do that or what? I don’t understand.

    I believe Star Wars is for children.

  2. rory

    Here is a clip of Alec Guinness talking about Star Wars and the obsession some people have with it:

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