25 thoughts on “The Long Arm Of (Canon) Law

  1. HandSolo

    Here’s an idea Shatter, you feckin muppet. Why don’t you get your party to stop paying off the gambling debts of a load of foreign banks and instead use the money to employ a police force to investigate crime rather than relying on the clergy to do your dirty work?

  2. Steve

    Don’t be a tool. If someone is made aware of child abuse they must report it to the police for them to do their job.

    As for the clergy – any of them who refuse to report should be locked up as an accessory. Wankers

  3. I really should be working

    I have an idea for cannon law, how about we line all of the clergy, bishops etc up in batches of 50 in front of a 20 pound Napoleonic cannon and fire of a round of loose shot.

    Any one that survives has been saved by god for a higher purpose?

    1. PeteS

      The danger with that being, to some, it’d be a good start. To others, it’d be martyrdom.

  4. Kesey

    “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” (Mark 9:42)

    Anyone got a millstone?

  5. True Kilcockian

    The best thing for the catholic church is for priests to go to prison to protect its sacred rules.
    The best thing for the Irish state is to imprison priests who break the law in order to follow sacred rules.

    Win win.

  6. Cobweb

    Penitent: “Bless me Father…..I have being sexually abusing your little niece for a number of years”
    Priest:God forgives you,my son…….but I’m going straight to the Gardai”.

  7. Daniel

    Would someone please tell me where in the bible is says confess your sins to a priest and he wont tell the cops what laws you’ve broken……

    1. woesinger

      Weirdly, the Irish church immediately post-snake banishing time invented the tradition of private confession.

      Up to that point the custom was for public confession of sins before the gathered community of Christians.

      But we weren’t having any of that, no, sir. And, amazingly, our idea of being able to confess all sorts of vile shit in private and being totally absolved for it (as opposed to being strung up by the balls) suited Dark Ages Europe down to the ground.

      The Irish Catholic Church. Ruining it up for everyone since 432 AD.

  8. Sparks

    Leaving aside confession, what are the rules on, say, therapists reporting on crimes they have been told about? Or doctors?

    1. Meathian

      Re: therapists
      Psychology Society of Ireland
      “Do everything reasonably possible to stop or offset the consequences of actions by others when these actions are likely to cause serious physical harm or death. Action may include reporting to appropriate authorities (for example, the police) or an intended victim, and may be carried out even when a confidential relationship is involved.”

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