The World Trade Center: 2004 – 2011


Earthcam footage of One World Trade Center rising from the northwest corner of the former World Trade Centre site.

1 WTC will reach its full height of 1776ft (541m) next month and is scheduled to open in Spring 2013.

UPDATE: The original gizmodo video is gone from Youtube but still up on ABC.

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18 thoughts on “The World Trade Center: 2004 – 2011

  1. paul

    interestingly it looks like they can’t get tenants for this one either. The first twin towers went largely unoccupied for most of their lives until a sudden move in ’98

  2. LongLiveKildareRule

    Between the buildings on the top right hand corner of this picture is Vesey Street, the location of the Irish Hunger Memorial. A really beautiful and amazing piece.

    1. madamecalico

      Poor form Zuppy. Cheap boring shot. Not funny or original. Get your game up. You’re normally better than this.

    2. Orieldude

      Thanks for not disappointing me Zuppy, you hilarious loon!

      Which sad, attention seeking fantasist’s theory is your favourite? The one that says a missile hit the Pentagon because there wasn’t a plane-shaped hole punched in it like you’d see in some sort of Road Runner cartoon maybe?

  3. Kelvin Norseman

    I don’t think it’ll get as many hits as the original tower. No pun intended, no, really!

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