Silent World


Based in France, Lucie and Simon travel the world photographing famous places with a neutral density filter that allows extra long exposures and causes moving objects like people and cars to be removed.

The resulting deserted spaces, normally milling with life, are quite unnerving.

Above: Tian’anmen Square, Montparnasse, Time Square and Madison Square Garden.

8 thoughts on “Silent World

  1. dave g k

    Neutral density filters my f*cking ars*.

    The technique involves taking multiple shots and then stacking them in Photoshop, which then allows you to remove anything that is not static.

    Lucie & Simon have chosen to usually leave just one person.

    And call it ‘art’.

  2. Nasher

    Anyone who has ever gone on an all night bender probably wouldn’t be too impressed by this. I.E. Coming home early in the morning….

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