A concept Jaguar XKX electric roadster designed by Skyrill Studio and Marin Myftiu and inspired by the Jaguar E-type (1961-1975).

The body of the XKX is covered by a layer housing microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells, which, stimulated by the pressure of the air flowing over them (the actual air friction experienced by the car) produce electricity that is fed back to the vehicle’s battery, increasing both efficiency and performance.

It also has ‘disappearing’ side mirrors.

Disappearing side mirrors.


12 thoughts on “Jag Pr0n

  1. Jockstrap

    “Disappearing side mirrors.”

    Except that they don’t disappear, they fold away.

    Nice Ford all the same.

    1. Stephen

      Jag hasn’t been owned by ford for a few years now. More like ‘nice Tata’.

  2. I really should be working

    & Sadly like so many Jag concepts before it will never be built. Or if it is built it wont work.

  3. Kieran

    Why don’t they actually put working versions of these concept cars into production?! I’m sick of seeing gorgeous concept car pictures and at the same time cars produced today are bland, bland, BLAND.

    I know they might not be able to mass produce an affordable version of this car exactly, but c’mon – all cars look the same nowadays. Make an effort!

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