The Ultimate (Irish Made) Game of Thrones Cake


Icecream writes:

A friend of mine makes speciality cakes in her spare time, although “makes cakes” is something of an understatement. I’ve been really impressed by her creations over the last year or so, but she sent me a picture of her most recent cake and it’s so goddamn nerdy I just had to send it to you. It’s the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. Lacking a facebook or twitter account of my own, I can’t figure out how to actually SEND pictures to you, so I’ll just give you her facebook page link. It’s the most recent cake…

14 thoughts on “The Ultimate (Irish Made) Game of Thrones Cake

    1. Leigh

      Certainly was. Still going actually. No scale in the pictures either… Just to confirm it was about 0.5m tall – perhaps a bit more. Tough to say as we’ve demolished it now.

      NOM NOM indeed. Subsequent to a mighty WOW factor.

  1. Jockstrap

    “makes speciality cakes in her spare time”

    I’d say she’d be delighted with that statement. The time when she sits down after hours of work making the cakes is her spare time.

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