64 thoughts on “How To Alienate Ulster Rugby Fans

  1. Jockstrap

    They’re just drawing attention to the poor condition of the facade of the building.

  2. montigol

    Well that’s the final lost anyway. No one toys with the sporting gods and gets away with this kind of hubris.

  3. Father Filth

    I miss that branch of Bewley’s. [mournful smiley]

    I’ll have a mug of white and a Dutch bun please.

  4. Pat

    Jinxed now!

    Never going into Bewleys again, in fact never going on Westmoreland St again, no, Dublin.


    1. Tommy

      That and your gf cheating on you with a rugby player. That is what you really meant.

      1. Rob

        Na, don’t think so Tommy. She likes fighters. Not that impressed by fat blokes bumping into each other.

          1. Rob

            There’s no fat blokes playing rugby any more? As someone said here recently, rugby is for lads who were shite at football in school.

            “Have you put the fear of God in anyone today!”

            What, by bumping into them? Lord spare us from this pathetic psuedo-agression. Put them in a cage or a ring for an actual fight with no teamates to hide behind and they’d piss their pants before the first punch flew.

          2. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

            You prefer to put the fear of God into kids on the terraces do you?

            Used to watch soccer. Then I saw what soccer fans did to other soccer fans at Heysel and Hillsborough and decided I couldn’t have anything to do with it anymore. (and before you start on Hillsborough, there were people at the back squashing people at the front to death, plain and simple)

            For some reason that game brings out the very worst in a lot of people – players and groupies alike. You, Rob are always so aggressive in its defence – would you drop a wall on my head in Heysel if I was wearing the wrong colour jumper?

            Why have I never heard of a group of high jumpers assaulting a girl in a London Hotel on a saturday night?

            It’s not about class or anything else. It’s about the violent/aggressive mania that soccer supporters have about the thing. Look at the police resources that are poured into segregating soccer fans in the UK each week. It’s 2012 for God’s sake. Grow up please.

          3. Tommy

            Cage fighting is for little napoleons who got bulled. Professionall rugby players are very hard men. Not too many pro fighters in Ireland.

  5. Sergio Aguero's Right Foot

    Franchise A alienates fans of Franchise B.

    IRFU laugh up their sleeve.

    1. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

      Says he wearing his latest ireland Soccer Jersey with Tony Cascadoli (Irishman)’s name on the back of it.

      1. Sergio Aguero's Right Foot

        Wow, you really do have a pringle on your shoulder pal, is there anyway Ulster and Leinster can both lose this weekend?

  6. Johnny O Laddy

    as a diehard Leinster fan – Massive “dislike” to this image.

    Best of luck to Ulster this weekend – Its going to be a bloody tough match for BOTH teams.

    1. Sergio Aguero's Right Foot

      Best of luck to you and the goys, I hope they put in a fontostic effort to bring the Ken trophe back to Kielys.

      1. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

        And now I’ll hand you back to the newsroom. This Sergio reporting from the old Airport Road in Dublin, where there are already 300,000 g*bshites lining the route to congratulate the (ahem) Republic of Ireland Soccer team on a historic 15th place in something or other in Poland

        Inda, when you’re finished causing trouble in Athlone, polish up Strippertony’s freedom of the universe medal, will ya?

        “awaits cacophony of ‘but only 8 countries play rugby'”

          1. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

            Did you delete a little comment of mine there by any chance? One that mentioned a famous human rights campaigner??

          2. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

            I put in a comment to say “Oh here’s Rob, the would be Martin Luther King, fighting for the rights of overpaid panzies and their supporters”. It was up for a few minutes and then got deleted. Maybe it was considered libellous to the good reverend (RIP). Anyway, good luck with the rights for overpaid panzies campaign.

            You’re always very quick on the draw, when someone casts aspersions on the panzies and their groupies, so you are.

            Is your real name Tony Cascadoli the Irishman? Did you get a free Opel Vectra from Arnold O’Byrne, CEO of Opel Ireland, after the historic 27th place in wherever it was?

  7. James Staunton

    Have to say that this is totally wrong, im a Connaught Rugby fan and am delighted that it is an all Irish final is brilliant but gotta admit im edging in the line of Ulster to win beacuse of the approachability of their players and their willingness to sign autographs for fans when they are at the sportsground, unlike some of the Leinster players. In saying that its not all Leinster players but some of the role models that our underage players look up to.

    1. Rugbyfan

      It is wrong cuz I am sure it is a fake without any authorisation from Heineken to use their logos etc and will be removed.

  8. John Molloy

    Clever little media ploy from Heineken there. Huge amount of attention before and after the weekend for a single ad. It’s really quite smart. Minimal investment, huge exposure.

    1. Rob

      Don’t worry about it Daithi – the rugby thing is just a phase. Many of the new-found rugby fans don’t actually like the sport – they just like the idea of other people thinking of them as a rugby fan. It’ll go out of fashion and all the doy hords who’ve never actually touched a rugby ball will move on to something else.

      1. Boyne911

        At least the teams we are supporting are Irish!!! True and true. A few foreign players, but its where we live!! Unlike the rest of you lot!! Hating the English in one sense, but worshipping their game!

    2. NPR

      Hmmm. I think I’ll take watching two IRISH teams playing an entertaining sport in a European final over watching foreign nonces diving around on the pitch like they’ve been shot every time someone comes within ten yards of them.

  9. Leinster Lad

    As a Leinster fan, this is a complete joke! If it’s real (and I’m hoping it’s a photoshop) then it’s a disgrace and should be taken down.

    EVEN IF we won the cup, the kind of arrogance as to make and display banners prior to it is not on. Who’s responsible for this, Heineken? Whoever it is should be shot.

    1. Bob

      Just wondering if the company that supplied those two light blue Man City double deckers have a couple of red ones parked in the garage.

    2. Nidge The Dealer

      Well I doubt the Leinster brand commissioned it so I’d be inclined to calm down. It’s a bit of harmless goading. Here’s to a great game.

  10. Alexander Dumbass

    Wow, there isn’t a word typed there by Rob, that doesn’t make him sound like a bitter cock.

    1. Rob

      All piss-taking of rugby folk aside – you don’t think there’s a ‘trend’ aspect involved?

      1. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

        I’m not a particular rugby fan, so I’m not the best to speak on it, but of course there’s a trend aspect to this.

        But look at soccer. If someone tells you he’s 43 or thereabouts, you can pretty much say ‘you’ll be Leeds, so’. Same applies throughout the decades.

        People like to have some share in success. I don’t look down my noses at people who got into cycling in 1987, after Stephen Roche’s big year, do you?

        1. Rob

          That’s all fair enough, but that’s not really what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the way people of a certain socio-economic background seem to gravitate towards rugby. A lot of women but also some guys, who have never had any interest in sport before. All of a sudden they jump on a sport with a long association (rightly or wrongly) as being a sport of the well-to-do. Obviously there are genuine fans as there are with every other sport, but there seems to be something a little bit strange going on.

          1. Steve

            Rob, chill out mate. Whats wrong with people wanting to spend their Friday night in the RDS or Thomond over Dalymount or Turner’s Cross?

            Im with ye on the people liking success bit and wanting to be part of it. But so what? Can we all not love Sean O’Brien love and Sean St.Ledger equally :) Enjoy the game on Saturday and dont be worrying, we will all be cheering on the boys in green in a month.

          2. witchgirl

            I suppose I would appear to be one of those women. Casually supported rugby on an Irish level up until about 5 years ago when I went to a Leinster match for the first time & now am a season ticket holder. However I know to a lot of people I seem to be jumping on a bandwagen. I also know a lot of people who are similar enough to me in how they got into it & are sick of the comments about how they just started coz it was posh etc. Maybe they just found a sport that they actually like watching.

          3. The Soccer Player who makes the crisps

            I’ve been in bars on Rugby International days and seen the Sex and the City crowd in there and it makes me a bit sick, but they’re not even really pretending to like the sport, they’re just there to meet a husband.

            On the socio-economic thing, you’ve obviously seen some people going on with crap and I can’t comment on that. If I saw it, I’d probably be irritated by it too.

            I will say that both of my parents and their siblings grew up in Dublin tenements, and are absolutely not social climbers and they’re all more interested in rugby than they are in soccer these days. I think it comes down to fatigue with the bad behaviour of soccer players and admiration for how rugby players generally behave, genuinely, that’s what I think.

            If we forget for a moment the in-match behaviour – forget about rugby players punching each other and soccer players rolling on the floor and ask ourselves who would be a better role model for our sons, I’d have to lean towards rugby players.

            There have been some real gentlemen soccer players and David Beckham genuinely comes to mind, but there are remarkable because they’re unusual.

            Martin Johnson is an ignoramus, but generally speaking, Rugby players are gentlemen either side of the whistle being blown.

            My son will never set foot on a rugby pitch, because I don’t want his neck broken. I’d prefer him to choose not to play soccer, because I think there are better role models, but that will be his choice. Wouldn’t be wild about him adopting the behaviours I see in a lot of GAA players these days either.

          4. Buddyg

            There has never been true professional sport in this country till the last decade when rugby pro and got its shit together. People in Ireland have been dying out for quality professional sports teams that are playing against foreign competition at the highest level. I don’t see the problem.

          1. Nidge The Dealer

            Come Saturday, Ireland will have delivered 5 European rugby titles in 7 years. You don’t have to like the sport, the players or those that support it (bandwagon jumpers of lifelong fans)… but you have to at least respect the provinces’ achievements. And if you don’t? M’eh. You’re an idiot.

  11. click here

    Ah Rob. There are more fans because there’s more hype. It all dates back to the mid-’90s when rugby was allowed by the IRB to turn pro.

    Anyway, 15s rugby is so last March; it’s all about 7s now.

    Come on, Ireland! #Moscow2013

  12. Ann Saunders

    That flag has been taken down, as a Leinster Supporter, disgusted with that.

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