23 thoughts on “Late Breaking Begrudgery

  1. Boba Fettucine

    Especially if you don’t get shot of the lot pronto before everyone figures out the company is worthless

  2. monsanto

    Maybe now he’ll stop asking us for our pennies & shillings, and go buy his own dodgy Monsatoe GMO Crops and equally dodgy vaccinations for the poor starvin’ Afrcans.

    I’d sell those shares quick as, make about 6% on 1st days trading, soon to be near worthless…

  3. HectorRamirez

    I don’t get the whole bruhaha with Facebook going public. I mean they’re only 1 new ‘Social Network fad’ away from being worthless…. Myspace, Bebo, being the forerunners.

    But then again, I could be wrong. After all, I am sitting in on a Friday night with no cash on the hip to get tanked up!

    1. atswim

      Facebook is different. They have dominated since Bebo died a death at least 5 years ago so. They have reached a level of users that is way beyond any other social network and as shown by Google plus its very hard to compete with Facebook. The sheer volume of users who would need to migrate from one platform to another means they have passed a tipping point which makes competition much harder.

  4. The Grouch

    Does this mean he’s going to start paying his taxes, the pontificating little hypocrite?

  5. nslatz

    Well done Bono, fair play to you boy. It’s great to see an Irish man doing so well in this difficult economic climate.

    1. bluedonkeyballs

      He* is one of five Irish men in a business venture who become tax exiles after a lifetime of availing of tax exemptions in Ireland.
      (*I am sure we are to use capitals when using pronoun to refer to Bono)

  6. bryan

    Bono is not only an astute investor, but rock god, sex god, tax genius and all round nice guy……Ireland should be so proud of the b man….be still my beating heart:)

  7. Zynks

    Fair play to him for not putting his money in the property fiasco as most not-so-wise people around did.

      1. Jdawg

        And he wanted to totally change his Clarence Hotel on the quays. He wanted to build a giant crystal viking ship on top of it. It would of been so big you would of been able to see it from the airport. Thank god that never went ahead. Also, he is in property in the London docklands area too

  8. Miss Behave

    Am I alone in my fantasy game – ‘If I had his money’ ?
    If I had his money, I’d buy us a children’s hospital and be totally chuffed with meself. The one stipulation would be that it was built in the midlands. Anyway…

  9. Dom

    Great. I’m so happy for him. Now he can finally fulfill his dream of feeding half of Africa. I assume that’s what he’ll spend it on?

  10. Jockstrap

    Anyone who buys Facebook shares is in for a massive loss. There’s a reason they’re going IPO. They know they’ve peaked and now it’s up to joe public to take the loss.

    Don’t touch them.

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