Wurst Cupcake Ever


Behold: Cupcakewurst by Cupcake Project: cake batter stuffed into sausage casing (pig’s intestinal lining), cooked up on the barbie and served in a bun with a squeeze of raspberry sauce on top.



8 thoughts on “Wurst Cupcake Ever

  1. Brid

    Idiocy. Reminds me of bacon and egg icecream. Or whatever it was …
    And since when did fairy cakes (or queen cakes) become ‘cupcakes’? Do we have no faith in ourselves?? Do we have to ape absolutely every damn thing that comes from the US?

    1. ljr

      I’m not a Blumenthal fan but in his defense there is nothing faddish about savoury ice cream – the victorians used to make blue cheese ice cream so it’s not a new concept. Blumenthal merely thought to himself what would happen if I allowed the creme anglaise ice cream base to cook to a higher temperature than normal (when it stops having a custard flavour and begins to taste eggy). Once he had an eggy flavoured custard he thought “what goes well with eggs? Why Bacon!” and thus a famous dish was born. And as for snail porridge it could also be called an “oats risotto with garlic, parsley and escargot” – the only truly radical thing about it is the name he gave it.

  2. Joejoe

    Cupcakes and fairy cakes are two different things. And fairy cakes is British by the way.

    1. ljr

      main difference between a “bun” (as my mother would call it) and a cup cake is that the cup cake has a huge mound of butter icing on top. It is the proportion of icing to bun that makes it a cup-cake – usually 1 third icing to 2 thirds bun.

  3. SOC

    Some yoke who writes for the Irish Times had a “pop-up cupcake shop” recently. Honestly, is there anything more middle-class than the cupcake? I promise ten bob to the best answer.

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