Famine Warning


Conor McCann writes:

We may finally be experiencing a bit of Summer-y weather – but it has come at a terrible cost – Met Eireann is carrying a Blight Warning: “Weather conducive to the spread of potato blight will occur over south Munster from Tuesday onwards”. I’ve booked my famine ship berth

22 thoughts on “Famine Warning

  1. Dave

    plus, Conor McCann ‘writes’ surely.

    Sorry to be pedantic but i’m fcuking bored.

  2. woesinger

    Any time there’s warm and humid weather.

    Did someone come down in the last shower of rain or something that they’ve never heard that before?

    Next we’ll be explaining that there’s this thing called “the country” where food and boggers come from.

  3. spaghetti fonsa

    Anybody that stupid to believe that this annual blight warning will somehow wipe out the diverse foodstuffs at our reach in 2012 deserves to be despatched on whatever vessel is handiest.

    1. I Swear I'm Not a Nut but...

      Surely we should be voting yes – I’m not sure the Brits will give us a good deal on d spuds if ours are rotten. Sure we know how much help they were the last time. Although we might be a bit less reluctant to take the soup this time.

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