For Whom The Bell Tolls


What Enda said in March:

“I had no idea of who was going to be there. I pressed the bell. Obviously Mr O’Brien was on that platform, I am not in a position as Taoiseach to vet the lists of attendees of any particular function that I intend.

15 thoughts on “For Whom The Bell Tolls

  1. steve white

    and how far in advance as he told it would be used to promote ireland inc, because ob’rien is involved in that as he would know there are so many ways he would know.

  2. matt

    This still doesnt address the real question, why in the name of jaysus is Alan Quinlan standing behind the taoiseach ringing the bell at the NYSE?????

  3. Miles O'Tool

    Politicians Lie Shocker!

    “Well you see the Consulate rang the office and the young lad who answered the phone was on a TY work experience week. He left a note for his boss who was a Polish lad on a FAS course, the Polish lad was away for a few days collecting his childrens allowances. He was held up in customs by some jobsworth who didn’t want him bringing in 10,000 cigarette. By the time he got back to the office Enda was in the air.”

    An unfortunate misunderstanding is all!

  4. Woesinger

    For future reference – when they say in the tribunal that’ll be held about this that the dogs in the street knew there was something dodgy going on with DOB and FG, this is what they mean.

  5. Bucko

    Seriously, is this all we have to worry about? Such a middle class worry… DO’B was on the podium….. Big f***king deal. Move along

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