Justice, Irish Style


Amount of public money wasted/diddled: €400 million (approx)

Number of people named in this report: 0

And they call it “damning”.

Damning Report Lifts The Lid On Disastrous €400m land deal (Fionnan Sheahan and Donal O’Donovan, Irish Independent)

13 thoughts on “Justice, Irish Style

  1. Kolmo

    god help you if you even think about protesting about this criminality – you’ll be regarded as a crank by the press (owned by the knuts that had their grubby fat fingers in the docklands pie) and the authorities will be down on you like a tonne of bricks. time for a second Republic.

    1. A.Tomás

      Yes, but will this Second Republic actually enforce the law? Build another prison? Lock criminals up?

      (Not if he Toole and co have anything to do with it.)

      New constitution my eye!

  2. woesinger

    Ah now, there’d be awkward scenes at the Old Boys Club and ‘Rock Reunion if people started naming names or pointing fingers. Wouldn’t want that.

    Blame and responsibility are for less well connected people.

    1. deliverusfromevil

      The entire Celtic Tiger.
      All of it.
      Waffle, bollox and extortion.
      The wanton waste and environmental destruction will sicken our children and our children’s children.
      And the handful of public protesters are dirty commie hippies who could do with a days work.
      Any other questions?

  3. cluster

    We know who the board was at the time, can they not be held responsible?

    The Department was represented by a senior civil servant. Can he be held responsible?

    If the answer to these questions is no, how do we go about ensuring that it isn’t the case in the future – change the relevant employment contracts, change the law?

    1. Clampers Outside

      We can’t ensure that it isn’t the case in the future because the yes vote is likely to go through and the EMS ‘structure’ or whatever the f*ck you want to call it with have the power to act with impunity… Yes, that’s right, with impunity!

      All those Yes voters, you muppets!!

      We’re going to see more of this on a bigger scale in an unaccountable Europe ffs!

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