66 thoughts on “Poznan: Thanks For The Mammaries (NSFW)

  1. Blobster

    Just goes to show motorboating is huge in Croatia. What with the beautiful Dalmatian coast and all that.

  2. Dec

    Guys, no moral objection but you need a NSFW tag and to move the pic into the post in some way, some of us wont be able to visit Broadsheet for the rest of the morning til that page goes off the front.

      1. Dec

        Personally I dont care but perhaps you can go tell that to the IT and HR depts in companies? I dont want Broadsheet to get added to the list of sites not let through our firewall.

  3. Eoin

    How many more of ye need to post NSFW would once not have been enough. Get over it ffs. Fair play to the youngfella!! The one behind has a nice set on her, shame about the face.

  4. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt on

    NSFW NSFW NSFW. See broadsheet!do you see! your turn coat readers turn on you! ban the lot of them and please show more breasts.

  5. shitferbrains

    why are youse not working as in working and not in as sitting there looking at whatever it is youse are looking at ? Are youse in the private or public sector ?

  6. titworshipper

    well treated irish lads. it’s old croatian custom, so come to croatia on hollidays.

  7. Croatian Fella

    We expect the same treats when we visit Ireland next time! :)
    Cheers from Croatia!

  8. devildust

    Conservative environment is the same moment was thrilled and shocked by the behavior of young supporter and one of them, writes the commentary photography, working in the Ministry of Culture, and the other is vice president of youth HDZ Krapina-Zagorje county in Croatia … there are many beautiful women and these two it is not .. Cheers from Croatia!!!

  9. patrickcroatia

    My croatian girls but in my sole i am fighting irish…so sad that we are starded together any you lost….hope we go one fruther…free ireland …fighting irish

  10. anonimus

    Naime, protiv Jelene Mikše, koja je zaposlena kao referentica u Ministarstvu kulture, pokrenut je postupak zbog nanošenja povrede ugledu tijela u kojem radi.

    “Postoji etički kodeks kojim su regulirana pravila ponašanja ljudi u tim pozicijama, konkretno se time bavi članak 3, i mi smo odlučili pokrenuti postupak protiv Jelene, jer smatramo kako je prekršila stavke tog kodeksa”, rekla nam je Nataša Petrinjak, glasnogovornica Ministarstva kulture. or in english… Specifically, against Jelena Miksa, who is employed as a clerk in the Ministry of Culture, the procedure for applying for injury to the reputation of the body, where she works. There is a code of ethics which are governed by rules of conduct for people in these positions, specifically dealing with this Article 3, and we decided to initiate proceedings against Helen, because we believe that the item breached the Code, “Natasha told us Petrinjak, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Culture. :( That’s the one on left side. ;)

  11. Paul

    See http://www.zagrebancija.com/hr-sport/povjerenica-dinama-pokazala-grudi-u-poznanu_318437

    Google Translation:
    The European Championship is always a chance that the cheerleaders show their distinctive attributes, and this year, Croatia has had its two cheerleaders that have attracted so much attention and have been flooded with sports forums and Facebook pages.

    The interesting thing is that one of them, named Elena Miksa, Commissioner for Dinamo Krapina and her name is on the club website.

    Unfortunately, the mix is ​​this move primarily harm themselves, but Dinamo because the person who was commissioner of Dinamo would not be allowed to behave in a way no matter what she had per mille of alcohol in it or not.

  12. CLOVER

    Go girls, go!
    Unite Europe when They can`t! :-)
    Greetings to Ireland&to he Irish… from another Miss. Mammal

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