13 thoughts on “Story?

    1. Not the King of Spain

      Might want to keep things rather quiet – Herge’s estate are known to be rather zealous in “protecting” his legacy – in other words you could well receive a cease and desist from some lawyers somewhere in Belgium

  1. Dublin City Council Beta Projects

    Hi everyone! It’s part of a new Dublin City Council initative to try out new ideas ‘on the street’. General info here http://dubcitybeta.wordpress.com/about/

    The traffic light box artwork above is part of the first DCC beta, exploring the idea of art on traffic light boxes, identity of the area, etc. Some info here… http://dubcitybeta.wordpress.com/


    Any questions, just ask. :)

    1. Jimmythehead

      lovely stuff! story on covering that godawful siptu building in something a bit more colourful? that interactive light show they had a few years back was amazing

  2. Dash rickwood

    Great stuff. Nice to see someone round there in a tracksuit with their hands outside the trousers.

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