Ulysses: The Map


For the day what’s in it.

Leopold’s Map a limited edition print which typographically maps Bloom’s meanderings around the city.

Rachel Kerr writes:

I am a Dublin designer and have just launched a map of Dublin city which is typographically formed from everywhere mentioned in Ulysses. Three years in the making it also has a directory which features over 400 real people and premises that were mentioned in Ulysses and in existence on the day.

Leopold’s Day

9 thoughts on “Ulysses: The Map

  1. DemonDuck

    Beautiful addition to the Ulysses canon. What a fabulous tribute to a wonderful piece of world literature. Dublin is the centre of the world today. Hooray for Leopold B.

  2. Just Sayin

    Am just a teeny bit dubious when told a product is ‘limited edition’ but there’s no hint how many prints there are in total.

  3. Mum

    VIP a modern version of Ulysses; mention loads of people who will all, hopefully, buy at least one copy each.

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