Well, That’s Nice…


18 thoughts on “Well, That’s Nice…

  1. bike brigade

    I’m more impressed by the masterful abbreviations in that tweet – hv 2 sa tk me a mint 2 ndrstnd it

  2. Galwayblue

    Conor Gaffney appears to be suffering from a very nasty case of irritating missing vowel syndrome

    1. Jonjo

      But for some reason he didn’t shorten ‘Supermarket’.

      I’m sure that would have been easier to shorten than some of the others words, which I haven’t a clue what they mean.

          1. J

            Just in ‘Fresh’ Supermarket, Grand Canal Square, to buy a notebook…On the first page I found this…Still sure if you want to buy *it*?’

            Just look at the goddam picture! :)

          2. bike brigade

            my interpretation differs somewhat – i think he’s saying ‘still there if you want to buy it’ – I guess in a way we could call it art. He dedicates so much space to the ‘…’s and so little to the words – perhaps it is a commentary on post boom Ireland or on the English Language, he should really be hailed as a genius….

  3. Gaff

    Supermarket? Yeah, I see what you mean. I guess I don’t like abbreviating words that I’ve begun with a capital letter… SQUARE!!! … that feels better.

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