Sluts in Your Area



Alex writes:

Having contributed to Broadsheet with this gem, you might be interested to know that Sluts [an original Irish comedy by Lir and UCD graduate Caitriona Daly] will be showing in Dublin from July 8th-11th as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Festival in the New Theatre, Temple Bar. We would greatly appreciate if you would give the show a mention at any stage before it starts on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Sluts in Your Area

  1. Bingo

    Not sure what the point of that ‘trailer’ is. Doesn’t really tell you a thing about the play and really wouldn’t encourage me to go and see it.

    Ha ha ha. A woman pretending to be drunk wearing a tight dress. Ha ha ha.

    Please tell me I’ve missed something.

  2. ReproBertie

    Oh you’ve missed something all right. The clip tells me that this play will have me laughing out loud one minute and then reflecting on the void in our modern Irish society which leaves us feeling so lonely, isolated and pointless that we are driven to seek affirmation and companionship through drink fuelled one night stands which ultimately reinforce the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

    You really don’t see that?

    1. Bingo

      Oh… Yeah… Of course I see all that.

      I mean APART from all that obvious insight in that most provocative of previews, is there anything ELSE I missed?

      Ha. Only a complete idiot wouldn’t have recognised that obvious stuff you and I both noticed. I, for one, pity the fools.

      Fancy going along together? Might alleviate the crushing loneliness and isolation we feel.

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