That Stubbs Gazette Listing In Full





Enda Kenny said Dr Reilly’s business affairs were entirely in order and that the minister had no difficulty in making a Dáil statement on the affair, possibly tomorrow. Mr Kenny said he spoke to James Reilly this morning, who had briefed him on the judgment registered against the minister and his consortium.


Taoiseach Defends Health Minister (RTE)

Earlier: Reilly Left Red-faced As He’s Named On Debt-Default List (Donal O’Donovan and Fionnan Sheahan, Irish Independent)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

20 thoughts on “That Stubbs Gazette Listing In Full

  1. Dan

    massive dislike for the Minister n’ all but should you be publishing his address on here lads?

    1. paul

      it’s in f*cking stubbs gazzette, did you not read the title?


      in other news Inda famously quoted in the Dail “We will not have defaulter written on our forehead” oohh yes you will.

        1. ahjayzis

          Public domain is public domain. Plus I’m pretty sure his address was already out there, they’re on ballot papers as far as I remember?

  2. Dan

    and also not publishing a prominent persons address on here as well? I read the title. As for you, you quite obviously read what you like to. T to the roll babay!

    1. milbourn

      I hate Rumpole Of the Bailey. It’s always watched by upwardly mobile, spolied upper-middle class morons called Fintan and Jemima.

      People that reference that show are typical of the dumbed-down, Anglo centric mummy’s-boy idiot culture that is plaguing our society today.

      Meh. Next.

      1. Jockstrap

        Christ Milbourn. I was punning. You like sound me in a bad mood. I also hate Rumpole of the Bailey but because it’s a load of shit, not because it makes me feel inferior.

  3. Keith Walsh

    You should be made write the amount of tax you owe beside your name on some sort of menu…or something…

  4. Dublinentendre

    Ah yes, the great Pecan recession of 2011. I thought everyone knew walnuts are where it’s at. That and cash-ews of course. Better than getting peanuts at least…

  5. ffintii

    Here’s a good FOI question:

    How many residents of this nursing home have got the benefit of the Fair Deal?

    This would be in comparison to other homes in the area.

  6. Poor loyal person

    He should be put to work in McDonald’s and made pay every penny back and never show his face on telly again! What kind of people are we dealing with here? Greedy, lying good for nothing consequences!!!

  7. Anthony Gerrard

    Does any one in politictics, know the difference of truth, or for that matter, what a conflict of intrest is.
    It is blantly obvious, to any ordinary person,so what is the nonsense of continunance of a debate, and whilst that may
    be in the religion of the so called correct politician ,it is the one that really is fooling themselves.
    They should be ashame, but this is the arrogance, no wonder the vast majority of people would prefer to have there heads off.

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