Mountjoy Prisoners In The 19th Century


Damn incarcerated Fenian hipsters.

Sibling writes:

I haven’t seen these featured in the  Irish media but very interesting  old photos from Mountjoy prison c.1850s of political prisoners available through a collection of two photo albums donated to the  New York Public Library. The photos were taken for the then British Under-Secretary in Ireland.

28 thoughts on “Mountjoy Prisoners In The 19th Century

  1. Dan

    Those are some stylish suits. Shit, I can’t even afford the wardrobe of a 19th Century Mountjoy prisoner.

    1. B Bop

      They are so sartorially elegant indeed.
      Properly attired if you will for Irish weather in tweeds etc.
      Kudos to old Irish crims…they did honourable crimes like “Fields of Athenry” types!
      If our modern day filthy Scum were photographed we would be looking at vast array of Hoodies, tracksuit bottoms (none involved in sports) & the obligatory runners…because they are that lazy any proper clothes would make them feel less slouchy!
      And yes yes the bankers wore constraining suits & ties!

  2. Pat

    Prisoner 1 – Arite Bud,

    Prisoner 2 – Arite, wha ya in for

    Prisoner 1 – Ah ya know, lost me bleedin cravat didnt I

  3. King of the Trees

    How on earth do you hold a child as a political prisoner… Surely he’s too young to have ideals?

    Ah for the auld days where prisoners had a sense of class.

  4. silver price

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