Oh, And This One Too…


Tom Lowe writes:

Thought I’d get in touch with you regarding blatant misinformation in the latest pro-life media buy. The figure of 79% excludes the 28% of those surveyed who did not proffer an opinion – the actual percentage of respondents who agreed was 57%. [Survey data here].
That seems about right given that the emotive and leading question posed in the Pro-Life Campaign-commissioned survey was this:

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47 thoughts on “Oh, And This One Too…

  1. Mike

    Where does this shower of [insert your own expletive here] get their funding from? They have spent a fortune putting these insulting lies up. These posters bring out primal instincts in me, in that I want to fling my poo at them.

  2. Sido

    In truth they should save their money and not bother advertising.
    As long as you can get an abortion in Britain our lazy legislators will do sod all.
    Proud to be Irish?

      1. The Old Boy

        Yes please. These to start:

        -He fixed the road.
        -Am I on, Joe?
        -A pint? That’ll be 4.95 please.
        -Motor tax office hours 10-1, 2-4.
        -Have you no homes to go to?
        -Have you heard of the five lamps?
        -No right turn onto Dame Street.

    1. Lan

      Proud to be Irish? No since I’m not proud of anything I’m not really responsible for.
      Proud to live in Ireland? Hell yes, this is actually a wonderful country and I’m sick of this nonsense, we have a terrible political system and even worse government but there’s a lot of great things here to compared to any country you care to name

      1. seriously sam

        In broadsheet tradition +1

        Ireland is great. Couldn’t agree more. Lots fo friends emigrated, but I am here an love it. Have a relation coming back to gloat about his wonderful expat life next week, but sod that – I love Ireland and even though we have a shower of thieves running the place, it’s beautiful, friendly and just generally great.
        Nowhere else I’d rather be, and yes I am proud to be Irish.

  3. uiscebeatha

    What’s with all these posters? I don’t see the sense putting up these posters in a country that doesn’t have abortion.

    Are YD trying to push for a Referendum? That would be a good idea, might clear the air. Sign me up! (for a Referendum I mean, not YD)

  4. paul

    completely not what the people in the poll were asked. again the asai will do nothing to stop the lies.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Because it is not in their power / remit.

      This is the side of free speech (not advertising) where we all have to allow each other their say, but can still be vocal in our disapproval, if one feels that way.

  5. JJ

    And again we won’t be able to make a complaint because it’s a non-commercial billboard.

    1. Rumpleforeskin

      Those people ripping it down who were booed for “anti-free-speech” activities were sort of right, after all. Surely the ASAI should have the authority to take down this offensive crap?

  6. alfla

    “The information is provided by the Pro Life Campaign and while we endeavour to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.”

    I think they don’t understand the concept of lying – you can’t just say “SOZ IF U BELEEVD US” and make yourselves immune to prosecution.

  7. Fill3rup

    Not to encourage vandalism or anything but maybe mass de-facement of said Lie Filled Posters would be in order..


  8. Vinbetween

    * to itself? Or is it them selves? Their are many questions here on grammar, data analysis and making up one’s one mind!

  9. Liam

    No new ideas to be seen here, just the same old ones, censor messages that you don’t like.
    I wonder does anyone actually have any evidence that money for the posters comes from outside Ireland. I would love to see that. As for the question, how is it emotive? It is considerably less emotive than poll questions that ask if people approve of abortion when a woman’s life is at risk, a situation that does not come up in Ireland with the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world.

    1. Jimmy

      Right so I’m going to pay for screentime on the telly at the bottom of Georges Street/Dame Street and run the message “63% of Pro-Life Group Members Are Puppy-Killing Neo-Nazis”. Now I could be sued by some pro-life individuals but my public advertisement would still stand. In short, it is ridiculous. The scope of the ASAI should obviously extend to misleading and false advertisements that are not solely commerical.

      A woman’s life may not be at risk, but why do women have to travel to England in cases for example where the baby will not survive? Putting women through this is torturous. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2012/jul/06/ireland-abortion-campaigners-rights-video

      1. Liam

        Not agreeing with a message ≠ false or misleading. You wouldn’t find that misleading unless you’re intellectual challenged.

    2. cluster

      Firstly, the fact that most pregnancies don’t endanger the life of the mother is not the same as saying that no pregnancies do. Most potential medical problems don’t impact on the majority of people, testicular cancer for example is suffered by 0.4% of men but I’d still like hospitals to prepare for that eventuality.

      Secondly, where are you getting the fact that we have the ‘lowest rate of maternal mortality in the world.’ This ref puts us behind other countries such as Sweden, Australia, Italy and other who do allow abortion.

  10. Dave, Dublin

    Using the Pro Life Campaign’s methods, I’d like to announce my engagement to Christina Hendricks. While Ms. Hendricks has not proffered an opinion on my proposal, I consider her silence to be the same as agreement. Mazel Tov to me!

  11. Miles

    This has all the hallmarks of the scheming, “what’s your agenda”, childless and very masculine Senator Ronan Mullen.

    1. Pedanto

      His sexuality is none of our business. The constant sneering about it is nasty and weird.


      I like my abortion like I like my chips, cheap, a health hazard and available around the corner all hours of the night.

  12. Caboosicle

    This type of statistical manipulation is not uncommon when it comes to politics. In fact, during the last referendum, I heard a report on RTE Radio that reported a similar statistic in favour of the Treaty from a Red C poll i.e. 58% Yes, 42% No. However the actual figures were 49% Yes, 35% No and 16% Don’t Know.

    I wonder which way it would have been reported if the government had supported a no vote?

    1. Pedanto

      Poor Canute. The Michelle Mulherrin of the middle ages.

      (I know, I know. Michelle Mulherrin IS the Michelle Mulherrin of the middle ages.)

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