Part Of Nixon’s Final Mission


To get a moon into the Aras.

Document of the Month from The National Archive.

And this is how we treated his gift.

Also on that day btw:

July 23, 1973: Claiming executive privilege, Nixon refuses to turn over subpoened tapes to the Senate Watergate Committee, chaired by Senator Sam Ervin (D-NC). (Key Events In The Presidency of Richard Nixon)

17 thoughts on “Part Of Nixon’s Final Mission

  1. Instant Karma Police

    Childers – another corrupt FFer who used his position to punish civil servants who were just doing their job!
    (one example being my Father).

    1. uiscebeatha

      Really? I’d never heard anything like that about Childers. Not that I know that much about him but his name doesn’t normally come up when listing off FF bowsies. What did he do to Civil Servants? You have piqued my curiosity.

  2. Yam

    I swear to god, the Broadsheet comment section is like a grumbling half-deaf old man picking up snippets of conversation most of the time

    1. Woesinger

      Communists? Never had any truck with that sort. As me auld departed father, god be good to him, used to say, never trust a fella with a moustache.

  3. PM

    Not quite – there’s another piece of moon rock held in storage in the National Museum, also donated by the US. In a case and everything

  4. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Quote of the day, “Now that Ireland’s facing an unprecedented banking crisis, interest in finding the rock again has spiked.” I am only familiar with Irish Central via my crazy “Irish” (never set foot here) American cousins liking their posts on Facebook and I get the distinct impression it is very like the Daily Mail.

  5. munkifisht

    In fairness, we’re not the only ones, there were 270 moon rocks after the Apollo missions, but about 180 (so if my calculations are correct more than half) of the rocks are now unaccounted for. There is a bit of a move to try and find these rocks to study them for the presence of Helium 3 (a molecule that may be used in Nuclear Fusion but is not abundant on Earth – See the film Moon for more).

    I’m more interested in where the flag is.

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