40 thoughts on “This Is Progress

  1. woesinger

    And who’d be the first to complain if An Post spent millions designing hipster-pleasing postboxes?

  2. Scatman John

    I remember a couple of kids throwing a skipful of bangers into an old post box in East Wall a few years ago. Blew the door off it.

    And incinerated the contents.

  3. Cobweb

    The snails were getting in to the older boxes and delivering the post faster causing huge embarassment to An Post!

  4. Slaphead

    the old postboxes are a thing of beauty. The new ones look like those clothes recycling skips and will be used for that purpose too.

    1. woesinger

      The new one in the pic is clearly designed to take parcels and larger items, which the old one isn’t.

      The old ones are indeed lovely, and it’d be equally lovely if we could afford beautiful modern versions. However, since An Post is state-owned, would you rather spend money on lovely postboxes or, oh, I don’t know, health or education?

      1. SDaedalus

        The ‘isn’t the money better spent on health and education’ argument (used to justify every piece of shite they inflict on us other than health and education shite) doesn’t work for me, frankly.

        Realistically, the people of Dublin managed quite happily for years having to go to a post office with their parcels and big unbendy envelopes.

        Indeed they will probably continue to do so anyway since it’s so damn difficult to work out the correct postage for parcels etc.

        So no I don’t buy the ‘we need to modernise’ thing. The old postboxes are still in great nick, in fact they look in better shape than the new ones.

        I would like to know what’s happening with the old postboxes. They are too nice just to be destroyed.

        Anyone know?

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          I’d love one if they’re going spare. T’would make a damn fine pizza oven.

        2. woesinger

          Realistically, the people of Dublin managed quite happily for years having to wade through horse dung. Indeed they will probably continue to do so anyway since it’s so damn difficult to keep these infernal horseless carriages fed with petroleum spirit.

      2. Clampers Outside

        Ah Woesinger, hang on a sec. You usually are a beacon of sense but…
        So what if it has a slot for parcels. You are still going to have to go into the post office to weigh your parcel to send it and probably register the post too. There’ll be a drop box for your parcels in the post office…. so, the usefulness of the parcel trap is null and void surely.

          1. jaysuswep

            No you won’t calculate your postage online, put the stamps on and put it in the postbox. Simple.

            The reason it looks like this is that is made in a modern factory where workers get paid a reasonable wage to support there families. The old type was possible because the workers who made it lived horrible lives and died young.

      3. Slaphead

        It’s not a choice between good design and better schools. That’s just too dumb to even debate.

        1. The Old Boy

          The new boxes are for Metered/Franked post ONLY. You need a key to use them, which are issued to business customers by An Post.

    2. Rob

      Don’t panic – give it a few years and the current new ones will also be considered a thing of beauty.

      1. Dave, Dublin

        It’s a non-decorative public amenity that was built with only function in mind. It’s being replaced with a non-decorative public amenity that was built with only function in mind.

        Excuse me if I don’t break into a performance of Big Yellow Taxi.

  5. AB

    The new one is for franked mail…they are used by businesses and they’ve been around in business districts for years. Keep your knickers on post box enthusiasts…

    1. Custo

      Aye, can this post be added to the article please?

      An Post workers aren’t covered by insurance against injury etc once they enter a place of business to collect franked / metered mail / EMS parcels. Hence the move to putting all business post in these new boxes.

  6. Binbon

    Yuck to the new one… are the old post boxes not protected or listed? I don’t want them to go…….

    1. Jatwr

      Which would you prefer to pay for with your taxes:
      a highly paid designer of post boxes?
      your mother not having to spend the night on a hospital trolley?

      You’re getting either neither or both.

  7. badger

    jeepers! Youll all be interested to know that theyre doing away with all of the victorian street features, lamps bollars etc on grafton street now aswell. Nice new shiney ones instead

    1. Binbon

      Has this already been decided?!

      I saw the photos of the new street lamps in the link below- they are awful compared to the old…. bland and boring

      Can we object?

      1. James M. Chimney

        From the pdf:

        “A submission or observation in relation to the proposed development, dealing
        with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which
        the development would be situated may be made in writing to the Executive
        Manager, Planning Department, Dublin City Council, Block 4, Floor 3, Civic
        Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, before 4.30pm on 20th June 2012.”

  8. DemonDuck

    Don’t worry, An Post will be one of the State “jewels” up for privatisation, sooner rather than later. Post box design trauma will become a thing of the past, as people take to auctioning off their children in order to afford privatised postage costs. It’ll be cheaper to post a kid to Santa than to post a kid’s letter to Santa.

    1. Binbon

      That is a joke that they are really getting rid of the existing street lamps?!!

      If they do it will really detract from the character of the street!

      Where can we object?!

  9. Jockstrap

    Where are the old ones going?

    They would be in demand by collectors, pubs, Crumlin garden gnomes for posting their letters to their gnome mates in Cabra gardens.

  10. Dublinentendre

    It’s a real shame to see Dublin’s Georgian beauty being swamped in brushed aluminium and bland and poorly laid paving. If anything they should be bringing back painted shop signs rather than the tack that is littering shopping areas at the moment. Why aspire to be a Manchester or whatever when you could maintain something unique? The docklands has to be the most sterile characterless places in the city.

    1. Jockstrap

      Touché. The Docklands though has potential. The southside of it does anyway around the canal and along towards the city. IFSC is still a bit suity during the day and those same suits in Juicy tracksuits at night.

  11. Drogooner

    If we are trying to create and maintain any sort of tourist industry these little details must be retained. Seemingly minor, they represent a distinctive character. People now regret the destruction of Georgian houses in the 60’s. No going back.

  12. smcg

    That’s madness about Grafton Street. Agreed, the existing paving is quite shabby looking now and has been badly maintained over the years. It needs new surfacing. But those new lamps and bollards are completely unsuited. Booooooo

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