Neil Gaiman: Scientology Kid


That child was the son of David Gaiman, Scientology’s PR chief in UK at the time. Years later, Neil Gaiman would go on to fame as perhaps the most celebrated science fiction writer of his generation. But at 7 years old, he made for the model of a young Scientologist.

Neil Gaiman, 7, Interviewed About Scientology By The BBC in 1968 (

Neil Gaiman?

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12 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman: Scientology Kid

  1. tedtalksalot

    As far as I understand he’s labelled as a “Suppressive person”. Effectively he’s been excommunicated.
    I remember him briefly talking about in a blog post around when his father died- apparently they didn’t want him there, and they made the whole thing a bit of a gauntlet for him.

    So, yeah, it’s more like a kid leaving his families extremist church after several years of indoctrination, rather than a celebrity trying to keep his ties to a lunatic cult a secret…

  2. In fairness

    He’s never been very private about it; I’ve heard him mention in a few interviews his family’s involvement.

  3. judy, nyc

    john travolta, has obviously been stolen by the lunatic cult. no. really. does he look anything at all like john travolta? does he act like john travolta? the answer: no. no he doesn’t. also, they stole kirstie ally who once was gorgeous and replaced with an extremely frighteningly fat woman. do not live near a scientology cult. make the sign of the cross with your forefingers even if you are jewish. so what.

  4. samiam

    Neil Gaiman is still an active Scientologist, giving $35,000 to the Scientology Super Powers Center in Minnesota in 2009 and named a Cornerstone Club member by Scientology. Gaiman contributed another $500,000.00 to the same Org in 2010, through his business partner Mary Gaiman. Listed as patrons of Scientology, the Gaiman family owns G&G Vitamins which reaps 6 million a year from selling The Purification Rundown to cult members. Gaiman’s two sisters, Claire Edwards and Lizzie Calciole are not just high-ranking Scientologists, they are the Head of Recruiting and the Head of Wealden House ( the Scientology stronghold in East Grinstead where Gaiman has been photographed). These two high-ranking Scientologists cannot associate with Neil unless he is in good standing.

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