Organising A Dance Festival, 1999



The stab-lite and fondly-recalled Homelands in Mosney, Co Dublin.Meath in 1999.

That’s how you do it.

Even the guards were happy (12.06)

9.12  for sad club wee confession.

Thanks Barry Farrell

21 thoughts on “Organising A Dance Festival, 1999

  1. alex uhlemann

    Proud to say I was there and the sentiments from 12:57 onwards sums it up. Good people having good times

  2. John McClure

    Fair play to the ‘Life-Festival’ lads too- some great weekends down at Belvedere House over the past few years

  3. Poxo

    The first homelands was epic. Unreal atmosphere and positive vibes. Unfortunately the 2nd one was a bit of a knackerfest…

  4. Cionnaith

    good times

    all i remember is the really obvious cops in their dunnes jeans and school shoes “do you know where i could get some Es? my stash is running low” lol

  5. Cort

    Homelands was amazing but it was rammed with knacks but to be honest I thought I was a mad thing meself at the time! Went off peacefully as I remember. Didn’t go to the 2nd one because evey local knack I knew was going. Wouldnt go near the likes now in my old age

  6. The Hizzle Stick

    Was in school in Skerries at the time; the two woodwork teachers went to that. Bit of a strange event for two oul lads to be going too. The lad with the flute hanging out is from the school too. Makes me so proud.

  7. ropeyro

    I remember heading up to the bumper cars and everyone was driving around merrily avoiding each other, gurning and grinning. It was hilarious. Great buzz though – the cops, the tunes, the people – everything was harmonized. The power of mitzus.

  8. Con

    that was a fantastic event, my first festival too..
    I don’t remember it raining though, such was the passion for remembering the music and event itself.

    The lineup was insane too, i’ve the lineup & neck schedule thingy at home, but here is most of it:

    Paul Oakenfold
    Roni Size
    Laurent Garnier
    DJ Zinc
    John Digweed
    Dave Clarke
    Andy C
    Freddy Fresh
    Scratch Perverts
    Breakbeat Era
    Judge Jules
    DJ Die
    Dynamite MC
    John Digweed
    Seb Fontaine
    Monkey Mafia
    Natural Born…
    James Lavelle
    Darren Emerson
    Justin Robertson
    Seb Fontaine
    Billy Nasty
    Jon Carter
    Darren Price
    Liam Howlett (Prodigy)
    Stevie G
    Layo & Bushwacka

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