Google Street View, 1966


A laconic and fascinating drive through Dublin on the Number 11 bus route filmed by RTE in the Winter of 1966 and narrated by a grumpy CIE driver.

Watch here

Thanks Jack Jones

11 thoughts on “Google Street View, 1966

  1. Nilo

    Nelson’s Pillar is mentioned several times, and it features prominently towards the end. This was broadcast three weeks before it was blown up.

  2. Owen O'F

    Brilliant stuff. Is it just me, or does the pace of life seem genuinely a lot slower all through the vid?

    1. nice clip

      yep. thought that too. it all seemed very civillised. people waiting in an orderly queue for buses. the demographic seemed quite old. no teenagers hanging around the streets.

    1. Father Filth

      The kerbs on Grafton Street were a major pain in the hole, the amount of times I tripped up on them. Any idea of when they finally vanished?

      I do remember them in the mid to late 80’s, trundling to and from school in Dublin. Same for the conrete plant bowls at the the bottom of Grafton Street, on the junction of Suffolk Street, piss taking shin bruisers.

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