11 thoughts on “Pregnant Women Are Smug

  1. rory

    One opinion from a non pregnant guy – these people are coming across a tad more smug than pregnant woman i’ve come across. Or sorry, was that the point?

    Actually I don’t think i’ve come across a smug pregnant woman (they came across as daunted/scared shitless/excited/focused/normal more than anything.) Or perhaps i’m too immersed in the world of smug myself to notice.

      1. nilbert

        i think he’s actually right.
        also, no comedy song has even been funny. ever. its the lowest form.

  2. Turkey Lurkey

    Not great. Suffers from the same thing a lot of ‘comedy songs’ suffer from. Lots of chorus and no jokes.

    1. rory

      wow really? In what way do you think you/other pregnant ladies have the smugness? I mean do they really do the stuff as described in the video?

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