Sublime Contemporary Art Or Sick Nazi Crazy Golf?


[the statue] raises its arm in salute when a ball goes through it


You decide.

Adolf Hitler Golf Art In Blackpool ‘Tasteless’ (BBC)

Jake And Dinos Chapman

14 thoughts on “Sublime Contemporary Art Or Sick Nazi Crazy Golf?

  1. Rod

    The name is A and I’m back in command!
    Cause I’m the illest F├╝hrer
    Representing Deutschland!

  2. Hans

    I’m German and I don’t feel offended. I find that funny!

    The Brits will never understand us.

    1. Pedanto

      Not to be rude, but offending Germans isn’t really the issue. There’s about twenty countries higher up in the how-do-you-feel-about-this queue.

      1. judy, nyc

        I wouldn’t overly concern myself with this psycho being glorified. studies now confirm that not only did he use cocaine daily, he also passed gas farting continually. the smell, apparently, did not put off his admirers. nor does it now.
        that’s really saying something. about admirers.

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