Meanwhile, Back In Phibsboro


You may recall yesterday’s post on the Russian junk shop in North Dublin trading in souveneir Nazi trinkets.

Caroline G writes:

I don’t know if this is a horrendous mish-mash of insignia. Also, I can’t see in the photo now how I identified the uniform, but I definitely googled something and I recall it was an East German uniform. There was probably something written on it out of shot that I looked up. Let’s call it a fun conundrum for someone with dubious skills to work on. The photo dates from August of last year.




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  1. Tony

    Wait, what? The uniform pictured? That’s not East German, it has the Swastika and the Imperial, Nazi era eagle on it! And the Deaths Head on the hat, that’s a bloody SS uniform so as far as I know, their Units were put in charge of Death Camps among other horrible crimes against humanity.

    1. Frank

      The iniform is Soviet-era East German – not Nazi era. The cap, arm patch and badge on the breast pocket are either authentic or replica Nazi-era appendages. My aul fella has that exact uniform which he got in Berlin in the 80’s from an East German soldier

  2. Jockstrap

    War memorabilia would be pretty pointless if we all just pretended the Nazis didn’t exist. Some collect war stuff, it’s a hoppy, an interest, not a condoning of Nazism.

    Read a book FFS.

      1. Steph

        As hobbies go that’s right up there with other ridiculously creepy things like writing letters to serial killers and stamp collecting.

  3. Herman

    That does seem to be an old East German uniform with SS insignia rather clumsily attached. A proper SS uniform would be black. The real ones were actually designed by a man called Hugo Boss. Yes, that one.

    1. Captain Obvious

      Not just SS uniforms mind you, Army and Hitler Youth too…had a good thing going there during the war did our Hugo. Think of that next time you are considering what smelly spray stuff to buy.

      1. Hans

        … and when you drive your Volkswagen, Porsche, eat your Aspirin (just to name a few)…

        Get over it – that was 3 generations ago!

          1. Jonathan McCrea

            Common misconception. Krups had nothing to do it. Might be confusing with Krupp – also didn’t make ovens, they made ammo and tanks

  4. Jonathan McCrea

    Bought this a few years ago. Told it was post-war, East German air force because of the wings on wrists. No nazi symbols obviously. Surprisingly warm.

  5. Bob

    Dubious skills? I can spot at least two swastikas. Unless the Swastika Laundry Company issued military type uniforms to their employees I think we can safely say that the uniform is of Nazi Germany origin. Definitely not DDR

  6. Seany

    The white piping on the grey uniform clearly gives it away as a DDR uniform. The Nazi patches have been clumsily sewed on, and appear to be stitched on too low on the arm in any case.

    The Sam Brown looks very new, and quite similar to the ones the officers in the DF would use. All in all a mishmash of different bits of memorabilia.

    1. Popeye

      Yes, with you on that. The hat and epaulettes suggest it is in fact DDR. SS uniforms are black – and also the only ones (as far as I know) to feature the jolly old skull and crossbones. On addition, the skull and Nazi eagle were never found together on the same cap as they are in the photo.

      1. Juno

        I don’t know anything about uniforms but I know what vintage clothes look like and there is no wear and tear on this at all. Apart from a scuff on the leather in the foreground it all looks brand spanking new – edges of leather are clean, no colour fading / difference , seams are plump… is this not just a mish mash replica?

        1. Seany

          Yep have to agree with you there. All of it looks immaculate, especially the peaked cap. Maybe it’s for those saddos who like to do reenactment.

  7. Pajosa

    Dam retro nazi hipsters….

    if only there was a place we could put them all….

    some kind of work camp even……

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