55 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. cluster

      Agreed but fair play to them for applying the same standards to royal celebrities as they do to other celebs unlike papers with a London HQ.

  1. Jimmy Hoffa

    Funny that they go on about the Brit papers when they hare half-owned by the british express newspaper group. So much for not misleading their readers. They are also clearly hurting over the fact that the Mirror is gaining on their sales and the Sun is giving them a beating.

  2. t

    If a rag in England took the same anti-Irish stance there would be uproar, xenophobia under the guise of patriotism.

    1. paul

      you’d think there would be uproar but in fact the British red tops did have an anti-Irish stance, were racist towards us and what did we do? we bought their papers in ever-increasing numbers.

    2. cluster

      Where is the anti-English slant here? They are pointing out that ‘Irish’ tabloids with English parent papers acted deferentially towards the wishes of Clarence House which they wouldn’t have done if the story concerned Obama or royalty in Monaco .

  3. Zackersetu

    Who gives a F**k one way or the other.

    Dude got naked! Big Fricken Whoop!

    And to answer their question …. No, that’s not why men and women fought and died in 1916 for . Eejiits!

  4. Aaron

    So cringey! This kind of nonsense will appeal to their main readership though, the taxi drivers of Dublin etc

  5. Paul

    It shows how irrelevant the print media have become, most people would have viewed those photos online. The 1916 reference is probable tongue- in- cheek, however I am sure there are some readers who actually will believe it.

  6. jetsetJimbo

    did you actually buy the paper to take a picture of it of just in the shop.
    I hope to god you didn’t buy it!

    1. ZipAhDeeDooDah

      The taxi driver handed it to me and said, “read dah…”

      I asked why he saw fit to waste his money on this appalling publication.

      “De sport”, was his response.

      I suggested that he might be better served with a paper that didn’t feature bottom-feeder friendly, sensationalist ‘journalism’ and just stuck to de sport.

      He told me to fuck off.

      Was it for this, etc?

      1. Gina

        what is it that people have against taxi drivers? Is that not showing a huge ignorance too? Do all taxi men read the sun and other tabloids ? Don’t mass stereotype it’s completely unnecessary whether they want to read it or not

        1. Paul

          Well the fact that they held thousands of dublin airport passengers to ransom over the past 48 hrs for the sake of a few parking spots is one reason. Another is the fact that we have all experienced racist rants from taxi drivers. They seem to also believe that their customers want to hear on a continuing basis that business is bad and there are too many taxis and foreign drivers. I could go on, but then I’d begin to sound like a moaning taxi driver….

          1. Gina

            I think the fact that you’re grouping them under the one umbrella shows your ignorance. We have not all heard racist rants what’s shocking is that you deem it acceptable to stereotype.

          2. Paul

            To be fair to you, I am referring to Dublin taxi drivers, I haven’t experienced the same behaviour in other parts of the country.

        2. ZipAhDeeDooDah

          What is it that people have against grammar and punctuation? It seems that it has become completely unnecessary.

          I referred to one taxi driver in my post above. I believe that there are over 40,000 taxi drivers in Ireland, so relating a conversation with one of them is hardly ‘mass stereotype’, is it?

          1. ZipAhDeeDooDah

            Gina, with reference to your comment below, are you yourself not stereotyping by referring to them as ‘taxi men’?

            Whilst quite a lot of the bullshit comes from these ‘taxi men’, I’ve met equally thick and ignorant female taxi drivers.

            Just saying.

          2. Gina

            no I don’t believe I am stereotyping by referring to them by the job in question-driving a taxi. Unless you mean that I am excluding women in which case I apologise-taxi people.

  7. tweeglitch

    There’s only one sense in the phrase ‘well hung’ that could apply to any picture of a royal i would be interested in seeing and it has nothing to do with genitalia size.

    1. Kieran

      Well aren’t you charming. A guy who would derive satisfaction from the lynching of a 28 or eighty-something year old he has never met.

  8. stratfoj

    The ability to publish photographs that even the English can’t print of the third in line to the British throne, was one of the many benefits of killing the English in 1916 and as the Star is Irish, they will gladly claim a Royal exclusive and print the photographs. Forgive me if I don’t understand the logic here. Even on a ‘freedom of the press’ level this makes no sense.

    1. Intact

      The point is that it’s a load of jingoistic nationalist nonsense that trumpets the Daily Star’s independence from British Publishing while ignoring the fact that they are half owned by a British newspaper group. It also submits to hypocrisy of the most short-sighted kind when describing other red-tops as pathetic rags, forgetting to mention that they too are firmly in the Gutter with the rest of them. There is further pot-kettle-black as they claim to be bastions of quality journalism and would never mislead their readers, a fairly hard claim to back up. The hypocrisy continues in the fact that they wear their nationalist credentials proudly pinned to their chests while simultaneously slavering over pictures of the British Royal family.

  9. Auds

    Harry has probably orchestrated this to accumulate cash from sale of photos to get himself away from a life of sit and pose in nice pictures… Fair play to him…

  10. yousirname

    No man has the right to fix the boundary of a newspaper.
    No man has the right to say to his tabloid, “Thus far shalt thou go and no further”, and we have never attempted to fix the “ne plus ultra” to the progress of The Star’s trashiness, and we never shall.

  11. Roger

    Their front page story is about the British Royal family. I’m sure the men of 1916 would be rolling in their graves. Irish indeed.

  12. Frilly Keane

    Hard out. That’s what those Star lads are. Hard men.
    Guts bhoy. Pure Guts is what you need to print snaps of a known piss head grabbing his mickey ….

  13. Jimmy Hoffa

    The Star is half-owned owned by British pornographer Richard Desmond. Wonder what pearse and Connolly would make of that. And their sales are in freefall. Big boss ger Colleran must be getting desperate.

  14. gav

    i used to buy the star but stopped because i was sick and tired of the ranting and raving by the editor in his daily column – his whole mentality seems to be of a medieval “burn them” witch hunt, pitch fork carrying extremist.

  15. Chris Williams

    Um! But he is not even naked …

    I’m a little lost as to what the heros of 1916 have to do with it.

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