This week’s RTE Guide.

Diarmuid O’Brien writes:

Dear RTE, this is like when a child in Star Wars’ pyjamas Photoshops themselves in beside Han Solo.


Thanks Steemcb

Meanwhile, via Annie West:

42 thoughts on “Titan-ish

    1. Mick Flavin

      Here’s an interesting one (or not, I dunno…).
      I know someone who used to work for RTE and they get a free RTE guide every week even after retirement. Does anyone out there know if everyone in Montrose gets one? With 2,000-odd staff and gawd knows how many retirees that’d add up to quite a few licence fees, no?

      1. Gary Flood

        The Free RTE Guide For Staff deal was knocked on the head some years ago. Too many of them complained that the word puzzles inside the back page were “too hard”. Allegedly.

    1. Louise

      I thought the ad was finished with and then 2 nights ago what do I hear? Doomsday is approaching!!!

  1. Dave

    I love the look of disdain Don Draper is giving to Tubs.

    It’s like those before/after pictures of meth addicts…

    1. Jimmy no tummy

      Is it a fake thing??…I too lazy to care either way.

      I kinda wish this place wasn’t turning into the onion.

      Thats fine….just put the onion in the title.

      Its too much effort to check if the stuff is half real or not.

      Boring even.

      Meh I said!!

        1. Jimmy no tummy

          I’ve gone full circle.

          Try to catch me when I spin around to normal again……might be some time.


  2. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    What is everyones’ problem? RTE are showing Mad Men. If they didn’t you’d all be moaning even more. Yes Tubs is a pain in the ass, but at least we don’t have to put up with Miriam and her blue frocks now that the kids are back in school.

    1. B Bop

      Trues indeed…although spoiler- the 5th series of Mad Men wasn’t as mighty marvellous as previous series.
      Still, even when more mediocre is still an absolute joy to watch.
      Great telly.

      1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

        MADE MEN SPOILER You mean the suicide, Bettys’ weight gain and Dons’ birthday serenade were mediocre? We must be watching different shows but that’s hardly RTEs’ fault now is it. :D

        1. B Bop

          Oh indeed the suicide was v v tragic & poignant.
          Betty in a fat suit just to hide real pregnancy-then no Betty through series.
          Don’s Bday serenade whilst yes “titillating” for the lads…unfortunately Megan became a little banal after that!
          Have been loyal viewer from the start just thought series 5 weaker than previous!

    2. Murphys

      I think the issue is with the way they are (comically) trying to present Tubridy as a TV titan, along the same lines as Don Draper, JR Ewing, complete with ridiculous photo mock-up of Tubs attempting to do the Don Draper ‘smoulder’

  3. Jockstrap

    Tubridy really fancies himself as some kind of American clean cut politico type strolling the corridors of power in Washington.

    He’s a f*cking knob who wants to live in the 1960s.

    And a terrible interviewer.

  4. Pedanto

    That juxtaposition does Tubridy no favours. Jon Hamm is goodlooking and impeccably dressed. Tubs looks like a fatter man’s suit fell on him.

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