Where Is This?


Circa 1900.

You’ll never get it.

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Update: Via Archiseek.com:


Temporary gateway erected for the visit of Queen Victoria to Dublin in 1900. A ceremonial affair, the Queen was to enter the city boundaries and be given the keys to the city by the Lord Mayor and Aldermen. Described in The Irish Times as “the old city gates, a handsome representation of which is to be erected at the entrance of the municipal boundary at Leeson Street Bridge [Dublin].


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42 thoughts on “Where Is This?

      1. bisted

        +1…the queen she came to call on us
        she wanted to see all of us
        I’m glad she didn’t fall on us
        she’s eighteen stone

        1. ex pat

          Its the visit where the term Jackeen came from; i.e. all the Dubs waiving their Union Jacks. Not that there is anything wrong with people waiving the foreign flag of a visiting dignitary.

    1. Klarticus

      I Remember the trams in macroom 2/6 to the top o the town & an ice cream in the milk bar etc ….

  1. mike

    Shouldn’t the title be “Where was this”. It (the central structure) ISN’T anywhere now …. well maybe the stones were re-used.

  2. SDaedalus

    Yez are too smart for yer own good.

    They had a tradition of a triumphal arch for each royal visit, at which the royal visitor was officially given the city quays. It was a different arch each time, always situate at one of the municipal boundaries.

    More here, together with links to pictures of the other arches.


    Another quessie:- some film footage of the 1900 Royal Visit, taken from what looks to me to be just outside Dublin castle, what do yez think?

  3. Rory

    Apparently it was simply a painted canvas on a wooden frame, there were no bricks or mortar. Cudos to whoever painted it

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