Was It For This…



…the wild geese fled?

YOU decide.

Andrew Dunne writes:

A couple of the lads from school ended up in Canada, obviously with competition for jobs so high they’ve had to branch out into other professions. Here we have [Jamie ‘Fearless’ Fearon] a professional stuntman in the making…

58 thoughts on “Was It For This…

  1. ZipAhDeeDooDah

    There’s a special place in Stupidityville for this gobshite.

    As punishment for this f**kwittery, he should never be allowed to set foot on Irish soil again.

      1. Tom Joad

        That’s so depressing – it remind me of a bunch of Ireland fans I met in Gdansk during the Euros whose vodka fuelled bravado was embarrasing and a bit menacing.

  2. MW7

    So this is a Doctor/Lawyer/Architect/Engineer/Dole Seeker of the future.

    Actually no…future Banker.

  3. BoscoMcNeice

    This is the type of f**kwittery that gives us all a bad name be it either in Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Way to represent there lads.

    1. Michael

      Only noticed that now. Reminds me of the J1 scandal in San Diego from a few years back where they were trashing all the apartments.

  4. Diarmuid Beegan

    Put a chair in front of the window they said…..
    Take a running jump at that window they said…..

    Help me…..he said

  5. Popeye

    Fingers crossed he manages to use his window fighting scars to impress some young lady enough to convince her to procreate with him.
    Imagine the brain trust quality offspring they’d produce. The world economy’s fate lies in their hands!

  6. j.k

    The opposite of a brain drain, a thick trek. With any luck they’ll stay there and keep their genetic material far from Irish women.

      1. Rob_G

        Not sure that I want to add to the dim lad’s troubles by posting the URL of his FB page. His name is in the video’s description on Youtube; one could look it up if one was so inclined.

        Comment on the same video page:

        “He needed 40 staples and he’s getting plastic surgery done today. Legend.”


    1. l

      60 hour work week is nothing, I work with lawyers and the ones I work with leave uni with over 100 grand in debt, are expected to have 3 fluent languages and a business masters which they usually take together with law school making it a 7-8 year slug. Granted, they are well paid, but the company owns them for at least the first 10 years of their working life. Suck it up.

      1. BB

        Didn’t ask for a shorter week. Just to be paid for it. Same applies to solicitors in big firms in Ireland (minus the debt, for now).

  7. Tim O'connor

    They banned Magic mushrooms the last time someone did that in Ireland.
    Any chance they might do the same for alcohol?

  8. illuminati16

    Typical dublin clowns, first time away from home at 26 , lived with mammy through college and will probably fly home to move back in with mammy, pathetic

  9. Paul

    Drink has absolutely destroyed my generation. This tit made a spectacle of himself on film but the trend is repeated night after night home and abroad, always with the same common denominator

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