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  1. ex pat

    Landlord’s that don’t value tenants that pay the rent often end up with tenants that don’t pay the rent. How much of his time in monetary terms did that e-mail cost to write; a simple e-mail would have been; if you don’t renew your lease I’ll deduct 12c from your deposit; if you renew it and once rent levels don’t rise then I will write it off.

    1. Marc

      Technically the tenant is in arrears on his rent and can be turfed out after whatever period is stated in the terms of the lease.

      5p in arrears or £500, it does not matter. The account is still in arrears.

  2. Eoin

    Mark you are a monster! Depriving this poor landlord of 12p per year.Disgraceful carry on! That works out at a whole £12 over a 100 year period.

    Wait a sec, are you paying that every week? :O

  3. Sido

    What a jerk this Landlord is – You just post the penny from a “Discounts Taken” Account, rather than fag about with this nonsense.

  4. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    Jaysus, that is mad money for rent! But yeah, if I was the landlord I’d have done the same.

      1. Meh

        From experience, I would say it’s the rent for a double room in London….the rent for any non-shit holey place near a good tube line in London is generally in the region of 550-650 a month….

  5. Paul

    The landlord might suffer from OCD, he just can’t handle that the account doesn’t balance. It is weird that it isn’t rounded up to 613.

    1. Blobster

      That would bug me to be honest. I mean, check your figures, get the number right.

      But, as above, suspect it might not be genuine.

  6. James M. Chimney

    The poor man would be down 12p per year. 12p!!! You twits with your iphones, skinny lattes and no Ronan Keating records don’t understand the value of money!!

    With the money you refuse to give this poor man (at today’s prices), he could buy himself a Donor Kebab meal from Abrakebabra in 58 years! 58 years!!!!

    Pay the poor man his penny! You utter b@stard!

  7. Frilly Keane

    People can be funny about money. I shared a house one time with a ‘wan who left a note to remind me I owed her 1/2p from the ESB…

  8. Jonathanocm

    I don’t think that is in any way an unreasonable request! If, because of this, the landlord is underpaying his mortgage by one cent every month it’s recorded as late payment or regularly not meeting his payments. How big or small the amount is irrelevant, the tenant is still not meeting his rent. The rent agreed is £612.76 and everything is set up around that figure. If the tenant underpays, he f*cks up the system.

    1. murphys

      BUT the landlord could just transfer a fiver into the mortgage account and then have himself covered for years of 1c per month underpayments

    2. LoocyLoo

      Totally agree. The rent is stipulated, don’t underpay it. Regardless of whether it’s a penny or a pound. Pay the effing thing in full.

  9. Hector Ramires

    Tell him your not changing the standing order…. you’ll give him the 1 cent in cash, when he comes around each month to check, that there are no repairs to be done.

  10. No Fun

    Just pay the correct amount in future, is that so hard?
    Or do you need to voice this simple request as some sort of platform to demonise a landlord who made the mistake of leasing out to someone who can’t follow simple instructions?

    Does the UPC/ Sky accept underpayments of amounts? ESB or Airtricity?

    1. jean

      They do actually. If your utility bill is €150.23 and you pay €150, the 0.23 will be carried on to your next bill without any fuss or penalties.

      1. No Fun

        But, the amount still has to be paid eventually right?

        It’s not like Sky say “He’s only paid €150.00 of his bill, when it should be €150.23, sure, let’s write of that last 23c and never expect to see it again?”
        Seems reasonable for them to expect their bill to be paid eventually, that should work across the board. Utility bills and landlords alike.

  11. AB

    To be honest it probably has nothing to do with him being a tightwad but just an accounting thing. If there is a discrepancies in his accounts it cause problems for him when he is audited. If the tenant agreed to lease something for £612.76 then he should make it his business to pay it. It does sound tight but its just accounting pedantry. He should have explained it this way though so maybe he is just tight!

    1. Paul Q

      Agreed. Landlord wants to get rid of red text on the screen of his accounts, that’s probably it.

      BTW we should have got rid of pennies with the euro changeover like they did in Finland. Everything under 5c is not worth thinking about. Literally.

    1. Marc

      Yes, I spotted that too. Landlord said “but we can’t do that every week” which suggests a weekly 1p defecit.

      Where is this chap renting for £612.76 a week?

  12. Punt printer

    Plenty of places in sterling land that are very easily that price per week. And a lot more. It’s astonishing.

  13. Caimin

    I had to send a similar email to a flatmate. Three of us shared a house, rent was 600 euro a month. The rent, split three ways, was 200.04 each. She transferred 600.

    What’s the problem?

    the problem is that we all transferred money into a “rent” account, owned by all three of us, and then that money was transferred by standing order into the landlords account. A standing order cost 12c. Because she only transferred 200, and not 200.04, there wasn’t enough to pay for the standing order and the rent didn’t go through. Cue irate phonecall to me from the landlord, and a very similar letter to the one above from me to her.

  14. damoboggler

    Spend the 50p on a stamp every rent day and post the 1p to him…..it’ll really screw up his accounts

  15. Bingo

    You can actually divide the posters on this site between muppets and normal people by their reaction to this post. Angst and pettiness vs dignity and respect.

    The guy’s obviously a loser to post that on the internet. Pay your rent in full and get a life.

    1. Reggie

      Agree, sad to have to show this on such a public platform, pay your debt and stop moaning, its people like you…..

  16. Geoff

    Might be hassle if the landlord has an automated debit going out after rent is paid. I used to have trouble when I was renting a place with three mates, we had an account setup purely for the rent. It was an automated transaction and every time the amount was even a penny short the transaction would fail plus I’d be billed £10 for a “failed transaction” and have to go to the bank to put it through manually.
    Tbh not sure why anyone bothers with standing orders anymore, with internet banking now it’s easy to move money around and pay it into an account yourself…

    1. AnneFrankenstein

      +1 that’s what I was thinking… although if it is the separate account thing he probably should have explained it in the email and avoided coming across like a Douche Larouche.

  17. Eddie

    OP is the sap here. His mistake – yet wants the landlord to pay for it – the amount is irrelevant. To all you idiots saying “it’s only 1p”; what’s the exact cut-off the landlord should be expected tolerate???

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