That Think-In Feeling


Enda Kenny at the Fine Gael ‘think-in’ at the Knockranny House Hotel, Co Mayo, this afternoon.

So, how’s it going?

A united party?

The Chairman of the Fine Gael party has today called for elements of the Croke Park Agreement to be renegotiated. Deputy Charlie Flanagan said all sides should sit down together to discuss the payment of increments, which are not part of core pay.

Fine Gael Chairman calls for Re-Negotiation Of Croke Park Deal (

 Taoiseach Enda Kenny has today ruled out any re-negotiation of the Croke Park Agreement, saying that the Government is “honour bound”.
Speaking at the start of the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party meeting in Mayo however, Mr Kenny said: “I’m telling you what the position is, and I’m not implying what anyone else, as you say, might seem to be saying,”

Taoiseach: Government ‘Honour Bound’ To Complete Croke Park Deal (


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(Eamonn Farrell/ Photocall Ireland)

10 thoughts on “That Think-In Feeling

  1. Magoo

    I keep hearig rumours that there’s a clause in the Croke Park agreement that says if the economy gets worse (since signing) that elements of it can be reviewed/scrapped.
    Anyone know anything about this???

  2. Lurker

    Let’s take a step back to appreciate a pretty awesome caption from BS. As well as the obvious association, it’s also got the Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve lost that think-in feelin. wo-oh that think-in in feeling…'” going round in my head; and sure there’s ample room to play with the lyrics, make allusions to Top Gun… that’s my evening sorted so

  3. Zynks

    How about honouring campaign promises based on which the people elected them?!? Instead, they are honouring third party commitments. I would expect such behaviour from a hypocritical low-life, not from our honourable Taoiseach.
    Oh, wait….

  4. cluster

    To be fair, if they tried to do the necessary, that is cut wages in the public sector and try to reform it so it wasn’t so incompetent, the unionised public sector workers would fight back. For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be the support for politicians who will take this fight on.

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