When illustrator Marlin Peterson was commissioned by the Washington State Artist Trust to create a mural in the city recently, he chose the roof of the Seattle Center Armory (which can be viewed from the nearby Space Needle) and got to work on two huge trompe l’oeil daddy long-legs.

More pix and an explanation of Peterson’s process here.


8 thoughts on “The Daddies

  1. Jockstrap

    Nice work.

    By the way, large spiders will be freaking the shite out of you this autumn. There are far more than normal this year and they are all starting to mate soon which means lots of them moving around and searching out fanny.

    So don’t sleep with mouth open.

    Shake out your shoes in the morning

    Check you salads before eating them

    Is that your pubes moving?

    What’s that tingling in the bed?

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