Anything Good In ‘Closer’ (French Edition)?



The magazine’s French website showed an image of its new front cover with a heavily pixellated image of a woman with dark hair, it claims is the Duchess, in a bikini apparently about to remove her top. The couple were staying in Provence at a chateau (above) owned by Lord Linley, the Queen’s nephew…The source stressed it could not confirm if the pictures were of Kate as they appeared to have been taken with a long lens and were pixellated.


Duchess of Cambridge ‘Saddened’ By Topless Photos Claim (Guardian)

21 thoughts on “Anything Good In ‘Closer’ (French Edition)?

  1. Barbara

    They will hound her just like they hounded her mother-in-law. Sunbathing naked on a private holiday in a private villa should remain private. These paparazzi are scum

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      But if folk are still lapping this up as ‘celebrity news’, papers and magazines will still sell and the paps will continue to work and make a living.

      I find the obsession people have with celebrity in general is what is most appalling. Sure ye can’t even get a newspaper in a Ladies hair salon; it’s all Hello, OK, Howaya Doin, What’s She Wearing, Who’s She Dating, Who’s She Dumped, Where They Went on Holiday…blah blah blah.

  2. Michael Keaton


    Before the Brits start castigating the French media they should cast their minds back all of, what? 2 weeks? – when The Sun did the exact same with Prince Harry

    1. herself.there

      Not the same thing though is it. The prince gets drunk, goes to hotel room with strangers and plays strip poker and is photographed being a pup and having a laff. There is something more sinister and seedy about topless photo’s taken like a peeping tom. They are being traded as a sexual comodity.. “have a look at her tits” type affair. There wasn’t a sexual element to the Harry pictures.

  3. Evelyn

    So! Just so we’re clear – pixellated image of unidentified woman ABOUT to remove her top! OK – could be anyone, and is still actually covered in the pic! Sensational!

  4. Mike Baldwin

    I was recently saddened by a topless picture of me, taken with a lens, at close range. My Moobs are out of control.

    1. Jockstrap

      And royalty pricks. Families who got rich on the theft of land and property hundreds of years ago. Basically like the children and grandchildren of top level drug traffickers who become gentrified over the generations.

      Anyone can learn to eat caviar.

  5. Jockstrap

    The whole notion of ‘Royalty’ is ridiculous.

    A pair of women’s breasts are just natural and a joy to behold.

    …and hold.

  6. Jo

    All that has transpired is indeed sad. I feel sorry for DoC..however, I am surprised that she and the Duke would even partake in such intimacy on a terrace. You mean it never once occurred to 2 highy intelligent educated persons that hey, wait a minute someone might be out there with a camera..especially after photos of them on honeymoon were already published. This is plain stupididty on their own stop blaming others…throwing caution to the wind…Well live with it now…

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