Jimmy Stewart Reads ‘Beau’


In 1981, a 74 year-old Jimmy Stewart, guesting on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, read a poem he’d written about his dog, Beau

Unless you have a heart of flint, you will well up by the end.

No really, you will.


32 thoughts on “Jimmy Stewart Reads ‘Beau’

  1. Magoo

    Unbelievable – it was like a button being pushed!! I was determined based on your comments that i would not well up and….BAM…..crying in the office!

  2. Davey

    It’s actually a decent poem, too.

    My girlfriend’s family had never seen It’s A Wonderful Life. We watched it last Christmas together and at the end no-one said a word. Just toddled off to bed with big red eyes.

  3. shane

    What a legend and a truly charming man, big mmf for Jimmy, i mean big up…sniff i mean mmf, i cant do this i gotta go…..

  4. Idly Wild

    Ah here I still didn’t expect to be welling up at my desk! Only Jimmy Stewart would get away with that. Such a lovely poem.

    1. hughtorpey

      Piss off Miles. This is a man reading a poem about a dog he loved, not a state of the nation debate. Go write a blog.

      1. Miles O'Tool

        Don’t want to burst your bubble but this is a performance by an actor. A good performance by a really good actor. He specialised in tearful scenes. He wanted to make people cry. He succeeded.

        1. trobuff

          Yeah. He did. And you obviously love bursting bubbles.

          Now go away please. You’re ruining the escape to loveliness from the ugliness.

  5. fitz

    I’m leaving the country tomorrow for work and leaving my beloved whippet behind with my mother. I wish he could come with me but he cant. He’s like Beau, hes my shadow.

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