Leave The Knife Take The Cannoli


Prosecutors say just hours after 25-year-old Robert McTernan landed in Boston for a two-week vacation, he entered a bakery in the North End, a largely Italian neighborhood. They say he grabbed a knife and demanded a cannoli from an employee.


Irish Tourist Charged With Boston Cannoli Theft (Boston.com)

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32 thoughts on “Leave The Knife Take The Cannoli

  1. Davey

    Demanded a ‘conolo’.

    Canoli is the plural.

    And by god are they delicious. Stuffed myself with them in Catania last summer.

  2. Vinnie "The Chin"

    oooh!! can ya blame the poor fella! I mean come on, it’s a cannoli. Yummy sweet ricotta goodness… nom nom nom

    1. Wayne.F

      Just reading an article today (attempting to sound clever) the prison population in 1973 USA was 300,000 today it is 2.3 Million !!

    1. B Bop

      Oh Happy Friday indeed-The Sopranos & Cannoli!
      RIP Sopranos -nothing compares to that show- though Mad Men comes close.
      Thanking the Nom Nom gods am in Rome next week…first stop Cannoli stop.

    2. Leaning to the centre

      anyone ever noticed that that is Vito before he becomes a regular. His name is Geno is that scene

  3. munkifisht

    Ah, it was just they didn’t understand the ol Orish lilt. What he actually said was
    “Con all ye…” he was going to finish with wash this knife, but the cops bust in the place and cracked his nut for him.

  4. well

    “Officers found the Newbridge, Ireland, resident in the kitchen and arrested him on an armed robbery charge. Police could not find the knife.”

    Something quite odd about this, why would you stay on the premises? and how could they lose the knife?

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