18 thoughts on “Who Cares About Kate Middleton?

    1. Instant Karma Police

      There must be a lot of Greek speakers in Ireland, because that is the most popular search language!

    1. Niall

      Although, Google Analytics has been acting de ballix on me since last weekend, changes to the API or something? Pain in the teets, still haven’t managed to fix it.

  1. David

    Its because we were all googling Miss de Burgh’s topless photos yesterday, so we had no compunction about googling Mrs Cambrige’s photos today.
    Tomorrow, it will probably be Mrs Merkel.

    1. somk

      I don’t know, I’d make the sex with Ms. Davicson and Mrs. Windsor sure, which is why I like look at their chest puppies with eyes. I’d not make sex with Ms./Mrs. Merkel because I no want make sex wit her because she is old and her chest puppies no nice see, but then maybe that’s deliberate, it not in her interest to make Ireland grow, she make it shrink and go away, so maybe she will show her chest puppies to us?

  2. Jockstrap

    Meanwhile…. lots of real things like legislation, taxes, etc get approved by governments while nobody notices until they get the bill or end up in prison for downloading a song.

  3. munkifisht

    If fact, it’s not Dublin in particular… Going to the trends for Ireland you get the following.

    1. Sligo, Ireland
    2. Kerry, Ireland
    3. Wexford, Ireland
    4. Kilkenny, Ireland
    5. Westmeath, Ireland
    6. Waterford, Ireland
    7. Galway, Ireland
    8. Louth, Ireland
    9. Limerick, Ireland
    10. Cork, Ireland

    1. Killarney, Ireland
    2. Sligo, Ireland
    3. Kilkenny, Ireland
    4. Wexford, Ireland
    5. Athlone, Ireland
    6. Waterford, Ireland
    7. Galway, Ireland
    8. Limerick, Ireland
    9. Cork, Ireland
    10. Dublin, Ireland

    1. English
    2. Polish

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