“Fear, Panic And Anger”


Fears have deepened in Dublin that up to 100 jobs could be lost at the Irish Daily Star, with unions predicting the media owner Richard Desmond would stand by his threat to “close down” the joint venture over the Duchess of Cambridge pictures scandal.
The head of the National Union of Journalists in Ireland who spoke with Irish Daily Star staff on Sunday told the Guardian there was “fear, panic and anger” in its Dublin newsroom.

Fears At Daily Star Over Richard Desmond Closure Threat (Henry McDonald and Nicholas Watt, Guardian)

The union’s Irish secretary Séamus Dooley branded the decision “a callous and crude attempt by Northern and Shell to protect their UK commercial interests with no regard for the livelihood of 80 Irish workers”.
Michelle Stanistreet added: “There is no justification for putting the livelihood of workers at the Irish Daily Star in jeopardy because of disagreement over an editorial decision of this nature.
“Editorial management of the newspaper rests with the editorial team in Dublin and it is difficult to see why the UK shareholder has chosen this issue as the grounds for withdrawing from a long-standing contract. The Irish Daily Star is a successful newspaper and any threat to the survival of the title is a threat to editorial diversity.”

Closing Irish Daily Star is ‘over the top’ (NUJ.ie) 

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38 thoughts on ““Fear, Panic And Anger”

    1. Paul Q

      Ever read the Star? It’s of a different caliber to the other tabloids. Responsible for a lot of excellent original reporting, including the kind of crime reporting that just wouldn’t happen if you left it up to the broadsheets.

    1. collie147

      Sacked or sued if the employees get sacked. They were warned that they would be cut loose if they published the pics and they went and did it anyway. I’m sure the earnings from the paper that day would make quite the reduncancy package, but I’m sure the owners of the paper wont disclose that they’re keeping them anyway.

    2. cluster

      Bullsh*t, the Star and all the other tabloids have published intrusive pics of celebs on holidays for years. Once this is accepted, and it seems it has, the editor is only guilty of failing to realise quite how hypocritical the UK part-owners would be.

      Gut feeling is Desmond is merely trying to stay the right side of UK establishment opinion, post-Leveson, and the paper will not be closed. Humiliated and prob lose the editor but won’t close.

    1. Jess

      The British company who own the Irish Star care, apparently!

      Frankly, anyone publishing nude paparazzi snaps of people who should be allowed their privacy deserves to lose their job, no matter who the person being photographed is. It’s pathetic and exploitative and ugly.

        1. ex pat

          There is no comparison between people chose an entertainment career and those that are born into it.

          In any event other than a few washed out Endamol products most entertainment figures do not seek this type of publicity. These pictures were clearly the product of an employee on a neighbouring land holding; breaching a duty of trust to enable a paparazzi to gain access through trespass. If this were evidence in a criminal trial it would be struck out; they should not have been used under any circumstances.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Rubbish there Ex Pat. In the modern world royalty courts the media just as many celebs do. Those that court the media should be treated the same.

            Modern royalty would not survive without courting the media.

            I’m not defending the publishing of the pics. What I’m saying is celebs, royalty, big brother types, or whomever courts media publicity for their benefit should all be treated the same.

            So, giving out about this because it is a royal and not caring when it happens to a celeb is a double standard.

            The people that should have the VERY highest level of protection are the common private citizens who do not court this media publicity.

            Again, I’m not defending the publishing of the pics. I just think it ridiculous to be outraged just because its a royal some body.

            That’s just nonsense.

          2. cluster

            Kate Middleton chose a life of intrusion more surely than any young actress or singer.

            I don’t think it is alright but it pisses me off that no fuss is made of much worse levels of voyeurism in the case of young, talented actresses.

        2. Nigel

          Personally, I’m glad ANY time the essential shitty skeeviness of this sort of thing becomes a big deal, for all the good it does.

  1. ex pat

    Press freedom is a major issue; journalists have a duty not to do anything that may compromise it; if they have any belief in the profession as a whole.

    In that context why not publish photos of someone who was on private property and had taken precautions to ensure she wasn’t snapped i.e. staying off public beaches?

    Why not publish when the publication you are following had indicated they will be sued by the victim?

    Lets have the paper pay far higher public indemnity insurance for all the staff; just so a bit of tit that was on the internet can be accessed by those too lazy to look it up if they want to see it.

    The editorial staff that made this decision need to go; not the sports department, not the printers and not the news reporters. One or more people put 80 of their colleagues jobs on the line; the fecked up massively and must pay the price.

  2. hmb

    Hmmm, over across the water, the invasion of people’s privacy and the actions of the media have been under very close scrutiny lately, it is a no brainier that a British (part) owner would get a bit hot under the collar over this.
    The Daily Star love waving their ‘Irishness’ about, if they are so important to the Irish media, why not set up shop without a UK financier under a new name if Northern & Shell do cut their ties with the rag. And if the INM doesn’t want to back another paper in this country I think we can cope alright with what we’ve got

  3. kolmo

    If the owner of British tabloids is playacting moral outrage, it looks to me like the pictures of this lady is just an excuse to cut the Irish wing of the scummy empire loose, it’s a non-story.

  4. rubub

    Man who makes his money off exploitation of women’s bodies, threatens to shut down paper over exploitation of a woman’s body

      1. Ned Ryarson

        The difference is consent and privacy.
        That makes a big difference.
        (I also would not rule out the strong possibility that RDesmond just wants to close the joint venture for other reasons, maybe the deal doesn’t make as much money for him, there’s a better deal elsewhere, he wants an OBE, or whatever, etc.)

        1. Clampers Outside

          Let’s not forget that Desmond when he took over Express papers launched an attack on Harold Harmsworth the publisher of rival newspaper The Daily Mail… the stories published were all invasions into the private life of Harmsworth.

          Desmond is still hypocritical. Exploitation private or consented is still exploitation.

          I don’t know anything about his motivations to drop the Irish arm of The Daily Star but I do believe he has been trying to improve his image and would love to be close with the royals. Something to feed his ego maybe… but that is just my opinion.

  5. General Waste

    Whatever about the morals of publishing, from a purely editorial point-of-view it was a daft decision that Michael O’Kane may pay dearly for.

    He saw Ian Mallon on BBC, Sky and Fox after the Harry pics in the Herald and thought I’ll have a bit of that. Even a cursory knowledge of the owners of his own paper would have told him that Desmond craves respectably and he was handing him an open goal.

    So bottom line anyone blaming a porn baron for the possible loss of up to 100 Irish jobs needs to aim their fire at O’Kane and Ger Colleran. Their egos and stupidity are to blame.

    1. cluster

      Any Irish tabloid not showing those pics is pandering to its British owners or part-owners. No other reason. They show these sort of pictures all the time and there is definitely an interest amongst the tabloid-buying public.

      I personally detest the tabloids but if they are going to behave this way, the English royal family should not be off-limits.

  6. Kevin

    Th real victim here is William. She will probably never sunbathe topless again after all this, denying him a superb view as he relaxes on future holidays.

  7. noddyseus

    The whole issue is nonsense. Desmond clearly has an added motive for making such a hasty decision. Whether it be financially inclined or merely an attempted moral stance, it is pathetic.

    There has to be some sort of moral code when it comes to journalism and reporting in my opinion. The French photographer clearly went beyond that line when he/she chose to take a snap of the Duchess of Cambridge. The Irish Daily Star had time to gauge what sort of outrage a decision to publish pictures would have, and whoever made that decision should have been aware of how somebody like Desmond would react. So, there really was a vast amount of stupidity present in the name of making a quick dollar.

    The only concern I have is that ordinary people may lose their jobs. Other than that I believe the world would be a better place without the Irish Star.

  8. gary

    Let them go to hell and close it…if its a viable business set it back up tomorrow and let the brits and their damned parasitic royals fek off with themselves..no jobs will be lostin the long run, and I for one will start buying it then..have we not got an ounce of get up and go? or will not be allowed to set up a new paper by our controlling masters???

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    ^^ Kolmo is right. This is clearly just a smoke screen. Sounds like the plan to close down The Star was around long before these two even thought about their holiers and what not to wear.

  10. Nookie

    The problem here is that Kate Middleton and anyone else in a similar situation is going to be constantly paranoid, unable to relax, always wondering if some parasite with a long lens is going to snap a picture and sell it to the press, or publish on the internet.

    Whether she is topless or having a laugh or just trying to relax outside the nearly constant glare of the media, she has a right to privacy and taking those pictures was a shitty thing to do.

    Everyone has the right to privacy. And this is the real issue.

    With any luck, this instance will be a catalyst for change. Many of those vocalising about how “disgusting” these pictures are , are the same people who have published the same in the past, albiet another person. The rest of us are entitled to the same respect of our privacy as Kate Middleton is to hers.

    I’m glad the Royals couple are taking legal action but I would have a lot more respect for them if they would make this about the invasion of privacy for all people, and not just themselves. They have a responsibility to show leadership and I hope they do.

    One other thing is that people have an appitite for this kind of thing, otherwise the tabloids wouldn’t have seen the massive growth they have here over the last 10 – 15 years. It is natural to be curious about the juicy details of how the other half live, what their tits are like, how they behave when drunk, when the make up’s off etc… But regardless, they have the right to privacy, same as you and me.

  11. Ned Ryarson

    Headline: Fear, Panic And Anger of Princess.
    Headline: Fear, Panic And Anger of Daily Star Staff.

    Headline: Fear, Panic And Anger as new tax levied on use of the words Fear, Panic And Anger

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