Protestors from Aran (Animal Rights Fighting Network) including Aoibhinn Gilroy (top with red hand) and Bria Ni Laoithe (above) outside the Avia Stadium in Dublin Saturday night ahead of the Lady Gaga concert.

Meanwhile, yesterday in London:

Nice fur tails.

Lady Gaga Treads On Dangerous Ground As She Covers Up In Burka-Style Outfit At London Fashion Week (MailOnline)

71 thoughts on “No Lady

    1. Perry

      She’s about as much a goon as anyone here is

      “look at me im CRAAAAZZZZY!….

      ..seriously… keep looking at my craziness”

      1. Bazler

        Did somebody say crazy?

        Dont mind if I do!

        blahshalasdlaflfdlkfkwelkhlhwlhfwfwfwjfsdkjsfs sdaldkalskjfkjflksgsgg

  1. An Una Leacy Skort

    Survival of the fittest. Until the rabbits learn to tool up and militarise, everything is fair game I say.

  2. Jockstrap

    Can people not see that she is taking the unholy piss out of the entire music and fashion industry by dressing and acting provocatively?

    1. Hector Ramires

      Or maybe she dresses this way cos she knows, if she didn’t, she,s just another
      Manufactured ‘Pop Starlet’

      1. Zackersetu

        Awwww ,,,, did wikkle Jockstrappy not get a tickky wickky? ….

        The concert was great, she’s a bit of a mad wan, the atmosphere was fantastic and it was enjoyable. Did it change my life … no … she is an entertainer.

        And also FFS… calling people half wits because we went to a concert?
        1) grow up
        2) recognise that there are different people with different tastes, and just because they differ to yours doesn’t give you a free reign to spout abuse
        3) grow up (I think you may have needed to hear that one twice)

        1. cluster

          To be fair, he is allowed hold and share the belief that people paying good money to see Lady Gaga are half wits.

          In this case, he is right.

          1. Zackersetu

            We’ll jockstrap by posting on this forum, you must care, otherwise you would keep your opinions to your own counsel and not burden the rest of humanity.

            and Cluster … He is entitled to his opinion. I was just telling him to grow up, and pointing out that branding people who have a different taste in entertainment as half wits, is purile and juvenile, lacking any appreciation of the idea of ‘difference’ or ‘personal choice’. So, yes he is entitled to his opinion … also bravo to you and your refrain of the ‘he’s entitled to his opinion’ truism, the crutch of the armchair activist…. but hey… that’s just my opinion!

  3. Radioactive Man

    you have to hand it to these idiot protestors

    Helping keep this fame hungry cnut in the news. They might aswell be on the payroll of Lady Ga Gas publicity machine

  4. Scatman John

    So how else are we supposed to stay warm during the coming months if we’re not supposed to kill animals for their fur?

  5. SOMK

    I see broadsheet has activated the lazy opinion magnet. Lot’s of people here very quick to call a bunch of strangers “idiots” based on what exactly? Two pictures and an opinion (all though you notice it more and more in life that often the insult people are quickest to throw is the one that in turn, has been thrown at them the most). Tell you what, why not instead of mocking people who take a stand on something, you take a stand on something yourself Ireland? Because THEN you see, you’d actually be half-way justified in criticising people like this, as equals, because you’d have stood up for something too, rather than just shrieking like a monkey who’s owner got a new haircut.

    7.30pm today, O’Connell bridge join the anti-bondholder march you’ll only have to get off your high horses for half an hour and it’ll be over. I take it most of you don’t like the fact we’re pumping billions into the wallets of hedge fund gamblers right? It’s easy to knock people from behind the safety of a computer screen or phone, why not for once stand up for something instead!

    1. Frodo

      Ps – Of all the threads on broadsheet or the journal for that matter – This one takes the biscuit as being the one most tenuously linked to bank / bondholder bailouts.

      HAve you ever read the comments on the journal?! There’d be something about a kitten there, and someone would somehow turn into an anti government thing… It’s incredible.

    2. Rachel

      “why not instead of mocking people who take a stand on something,you take a stand on something yourself Ireland?” are those that comment of really a fair representation of the whole Country?

  6. Clampers Outside

    Nice to see that she is resurrecting the old Christmas tree decorations used as a ring. Myself and my siblings were doing that every year pre-1980.

    PS – I haven’t called anyone an idiot. If you like this stuff as entertainment and that’s your thing, enjoy. Sure, Grace Jones did it all before and with much more outrageous style, genuine off the wall nuttiness and way better music. But that’s just me :)

    1. Radioactive Man


      Grace Jones is/was authentic

      Lady Ga Ga is a product of the modern day obsession with “celebrity”

    1. l

      Not really ‘hard to think’ at all. I wear fur, most of my friends have something that has fur, be it a Winter coat or hat or whatever. Then again, I live in a colder country now and fur is common here.

  7. alanjball

    Its the boring old ‘shock’ bit…..its been done before and will be done again…..Gaga is not an original artist….just the current flavour of the month.

  8. Jockstrap

    Most of these ARAN protestors are middle class privileged kids going their bit of rebellion until they marry a solicitor from the right school who grew up down the road from them.

    1. Bangalore

      What an astute repudiation of their arguments. You sir are Gorgias reborn and we are honored by your insight.

    2. nbluebell

      “middle class” followed by “privileged” – is anachronism. middle class equates to average industrial wage nowdays. unless you’re talking about protected you know who…

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