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  1. Sharrow

    This is nothing new, co councils used to do the same when it came to refuse charges out side of Dublin. They would refuse to give the grants if the parents hadn’t paid up and this was very much the case in the early 90s.

    1. Randall

      Yes, they havent said they would give you the grant if you havent paid, it’s a gentle nudge in that direction.

  2. ex pat

    Why not? You don’t pay your taxes and you expect government help?

    The only change I’d make is that this should have seen 3 months notice around the time the exams finished then parents would have known. Demands on cash are huge if your child is going to study away from home; deposit for flat plus first months rent etc, etc.

      1. Randall

        But these people still expect the rest of us to pay for their kids to go to college ??

        The kids could get jobs and go part time at night like some of us do !!

        1. well

          “But these people still expect the rest of us to pay for their kids to go to college ??”

          The whole point of the system is to allow kids to go to college, in spite of their parents, in spite of their economic position.

          Because up until very recently society viewed educating people as contributing to and benefiting the whole of society.

          1. Jimmythehead

            hahah im from wexford. im just saying that why should poor people be victimized when it comes to the household charge? i know plenty of comfortable people who havent paid a penny. why should someones right to education be affected by their stance on a new tax invented by a government – too spoiled to even consider cutting the wages/expenses of their highest earners? much easier to pick on the poor, elderly and infirmed… amiright? i know i’d prefer to fight an uneducated elderly cripple than a wealthy college graduate that played rugby for clongowes

        1. Miss Carroll

          Nonsense Jimmy. This letter was sent out to people who applied for a grant within Clare Co Co area. The college they are going to is utterly irrelevant.

      2. cluster

        If you cannot pay the household charge, then you shouldn’t have to pay it.

        Most of those not paying, however, can pay and have decided not to.

  3. well

    Anyone who writes “A Chara” at the start of a piece of text and proceeds to write the rest in English instantly makes me want to punch them in the face.

  4. Ned Ryarson

    Joined up thinking.
    Is this a first for the public sector?

    Next Step:
    Departments actually talking to eachother, instead of asking the public for receipts.

  5. Micko

    As far as I remember to qualify for college grants you have to be up to date with all your tax payments.

    So if Clare county council are now saying that you have to pay the HH Charge before you qualify for grants – does that mean that the HH Charge IS actually a property tax and they should just call it that?

  6. seriously sam

    Serious scumbags. Fire the lot of them. Let them try making a living like the rest of us. Those taxes go to pay lazy overpaid scum that are the ones who took the planning bribes that put this country in the hole it’s in.

    1. Scatman John

      Fire all Clare County Council staff? That’s a good suggestion. Put an ice-pack on your head now before it explodes.

      1. seriously sam

        That’s not what I said Cluster. I said Clare County Council. Have a drive round clare and look at the way it’s totally fecked with dodgy buildings in all the wrong places, and how many backhanders are reported.

        I knew as I wrote it that the immediate response would be like your and Johns, but seriously, there will always be someone in Ireland to say “Ah now, calm down, sure they’re not all bad” until the last euro is squeezed out of the country and we’re back in the 1840s wondering where all the food is gone. (metaphor before you jump on that).

        The council is corrupt. Clean slate without nepotism, backhanders, unjustifiably inflated salaries and the rest.
        Ah no Sam, sure then they’d all be collecting grants and where would we be?

        Jaysus you’re right Scatman, my head just exploded. I’d call an ambulance but it won’t come because I don’t have my household charge reciept to hand…or my septic tank one, or my water charge one, or whatever the next bullsh** tax is….

        1. Scatman John

          So every member of staff is corrupt?
          Do yourself a favour and think about what you type before you commit it to writing.

          1. seriously sam

            Are you arguing with me or with the point?

            I’d love to hear your side of the argument, but just to throw down everything I type is somewhat pointless.

        2. Scatman John

          I made my point. I’m open to correction but if someone can’t afford to pay the household charge, then they’re unlikely to be able to fund sending an offspring to college.
          So it’s not too much to ask for someone to pay the tax that hundreds of thousands of other householders have if they’re in a position to fund the son/daughter going to college.

  7. Caffrey

    .. The scheme for the grant awards system does not provise that a ‘household charge’ be paid in order for the grant to be awarded .. The scheme is what matters, it’s the rules that set out how the award will be granted. Fluff the household charge ! ..

    *The word fluff was used to represent a blasphemic word :)

  8. Donal

    in fairness nice work from Claire County council – if people looking for free money from a county council wont pay the tax/charge that is supposed to fund that county council then fluff em!

  9. Jammy

    I see what they are doing but come on fairly harsh, targeting the people that clearly can’t afford it if they can’t bloody afford to pay for college in the first place! I would be fecked if I was in college now, parents still haven’t paid the Phil charge. Scamps.

  10. Frilly Keane

    To qualify for ANY grant in the State, the applicant must confirm their tax affairs are in order.

    Like it or not.

    Nothing new here.

    1. Scatman John

      If the grant is being renewed, then the local authority deals with it. The SUSI looks after all new grant applications.

  11. OriginalCynic

    Will Council tenants in rent arrears have their applications processed? What about people with unpaid parking fines/fire brigade charges?

    1. seriously sam

      Exactly – totally focused on bullying the public into paying one made up tax.

      Whatever about the justification, the idea that this tax is the funding for the local councils is nothing but trumped up propaganda to try and justify taking our money and giving it to German and French bankers.

      So the over 50% of my salary which goes on taxes, the car tax, the insurance levy, the VAT on everything…all those go nowhere? Yes, it is the household tax which pays everything. God, sheeple.

  12. hamandeggs

    The biggest outsourcing con of the Government to date.

    Instead of getting civil servants or contractors to value and list all the property in a database, they get the people to do it for them.

    Don’t tell them and they won’t know.

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