The New Hobbit Trailer


We’re very excited.

Are you very excited?

We’re very excited.

The official movie site has four alternate endings for this new trailer in case, you know, you fancy a bit more Gollum.


30 thoughts on “The New Hobbit Trailer

    1. Adam Bass

      Meh,,,,Hobbit shmobbit! The whole lord of the rings crap is for overgrown geeks..

      Robopocalypse, now thats a film to anticipate! A film for reality..

  1. Steph

    So is it in three parts then or what? Looks like they’ve embellished the storyline a fair bit to focus more on the ring anyway!

  2. Gabriel Rodriguez

    How have the social effects not managed to improve in the space of a decade? None of that CG looked good.

    1. .meh

      This is a prequel, so any effects made in the structure of Middle Earth’s society following the success of the Fellowship won’t be represented yet. However, it is heartening to see Dwarves accepting a hobbit’s company even if both sides are reluctant.
      Also, social effects may require many decades to improve so society must have some patience and belief that one day Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, etc. may all co-habit and intermingle peacefully in a multi-species world although, sadly, that’s probably just a fantasy world.

        1. munkifisht

          Friends, Romans, Elves, Dwarfs, Ents, Tom Bombidail, Wizards, Balrogs, Orcs, Hurons, Tolls, Spiders, Dragons, the Dead… Lend me your ears, if you have any.

    1. .meh

      I know. It’s just pure Tim-from-the-Office in the Gollum scene.
      Or Tim-from-the-Office-being-Watson.
      Or Tim-from-the-Office-being-Arthur-Dent.

      1. Steph

        I think he’s great as Watson. Not remotely TIm-from-the-office like. But yeah, that was Tim in Hitchhiker’s Guide all right.

  3. .meh

    I am absolutely refusing to see this for 2 reasons.
    The last hour of the Return of the King was so drawn out and boring that it put me off ever watching the series again.
    I can’t even imagine how dull the extended version was. This is a small, children’s book. Stuff as many extra and new characters as they want into the 3 miovies, I still guarantee this will be 66.666% filler.
    Secondly, SWEEPING VISTAS!
    That clip was just over 2 minutes and I counted 8 (1 or 2 were fake) of those stupid sweeping helicopter shots that are only there to drag the movie out even more and to show off New Zealand. Also, because “We’ve paid the pilot for the day, we’re getting a days work from him!”
    Who was the girl who got dumped by Aragorn for Liv Tyler? Remember? There she is standing on top of a mountain being sad and all the while the camera is panning around her.
    We get it. She’s “forlorn”. Now, get out of the helicopter and film some dialogue. Or put the hobbits on the giant eagles and fly them into Mordor.

    As a bonus reason: If they have to drag characters from other books into this one there’s a risk that Tom Bombadil will make it in somewhere. I will be damn-a-ring-a-dong-dillo-‘d if I’ll watch anything that encourages Tom Bombadil appearances.
    Finally – Bard kills Smaug (Spoiler)

    1. ahjayzis

      The Hobbit was small because it was told in a childish, child-friendly way from purely the perspective of Bilbo. While meanwhile, and as covered by Tolkien elsewhere, at the same time Gandalf and Galadriel et al were unmasking Sauron posing as the Necromancer, teaming up with a tonne of Green Elves to drive his ass out of Mirkwood and back to Mordor – as he’d seen to it that Smaug the Dragon would be “busy” with the dwarves and thus couldn’t team up with a weakened Sauron.

      I can’t WAIT to see that side of the story!

      1. .meh

        Regardless of the story – it’s the direction of the movies that bugs me. They are too drawn out. There is no need for a movie to be that long unless it is a well structured story that needs a long time to unfold.
        A large percentage of these movies will be (based on previous examples) people walking across mountain tops, people running across mountain tops and people running down from mountain tops.

          1. Sweet

            “Finally – Bard kills Smaug (Spoiler)”

            You mofo!

            I just stared reading the book (As Gaeilge) after jumping on this Hobbit bandwagon!

  4. Hector Ramires

    Never got the bruha surrounding LOTR, people went mental for it…. Q’ing buying metchandise, a couple of my mates bought replica swords, got original boxsets then forked out even more for the extended versions….

    Mental it was, I thought it was alright, that’s all…. although I was never into all that a fantasy stuff

    1. Siggursdottir

      Ha, yeah. I’m from Dublin, too, and the most noteworthy thing about that clip was that someone from the same town as me was in it.

  5. Bridge

    Loved this book when I was 10, re-read a few weeks ago…not so much anymore. Three movies is a joke, obviously just trying to crank out as much hype/cash as possible with little consideration for what the audience want.

    I’ll probably see the first one, just to satisfy curiosity and of course for Aidan Turner, the biggest babe to ever walk the streets of Dublin

  6. Jack

    a tedious book (elf poetry meh) that patronises the working class and simplifies good and evil (ala catholicism)
    turned in too overlong and boring films

    Now a childrens book is going to be stretched out into 3 feature films, jasus

    PS I hate hobbits,moronic half men with hairy feet, come on you Uruks.
    is it peter jacksons life mission to employ all the bad shortarse (but not quite dwarf) actors available

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