Your Head Bag Has Arrived


The ‘take a nap anywhere’ Ostrich Pillow, which started off as a creepy-ass, alien-seed-pod-looking concept last summer, is now an actual creepy-ass alien-seed-pod-looking product that you can buy via Kickstarter for $60 (plus $15 international shipping).


16 thoughts on “Your Head Bag Has Arrived

  1. Jockstrap

    Dear industrial designers,

    Please stop designing things for lazy and stupid people. Let them die of their own stupidity and fail at life due to their laziness.

    Let the smarter more productive people prevail.

    Engaged citizen

    1. fairyqueen

      They do include a link to the previous post, it’s not a great memory test. They’re just re-posting about it cos now you can buy it.

  2. Sheila

    I can see this catching on…today’s youth don’t care how they look as long as they are indulging in self care.

  3. Tarara

    I would really like one of these, though I would prefer if it had a good sturdy neck support and maybe a little flap that you could cover the drooling mouth with…

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